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Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: Family- “Sisters”

To read more about this weekly challenge click here:

Black-and-white photo challenge.

FAMILY in real old-time black and white.


My Mom and Her Sisters (circa 1930). My Mom is on the far right in the back row.

Mom and her sisters  1930 maybe

My sisters and me…(I am the littlest one in front row.)

6 sisters-2

The saddest thing about family pictures is that family groupings change.  If we were to take this last grouping today, there would only be four sisters in the picture.

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3 thoughts on “Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: Family- “Sisters”

  1. It almost seemed wrong to click “like” when your final sentence was about the loss of loved ones from a family group but I spent a lot of time putting our old family photos onto my computer and yours are obviously equally treasured.

  2. Looking at the old black and white pictures from my family. There’s something beautiful and classic about them that pictures today don’t always capture.

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