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#WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouettes in Venice

Travel Log: Venice, 2014 #4

I love photo challenges and try to jump in on them whenever I can. This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Silhouette, so I have combined my Travel Log with the silhouette photo challenge.

It was a dark and stormy day in Venice...

It was a dark and stormy afternoon in Venice…

Statues atop the Libreria Sansoviniana in the Piazzetta next to Piazza San Marco.

Statues atop the Libreria Sansoviniana in the Piazzetta next to Piazza San Marco.

The Lion, symbol of Venice and St. Mark, patron saint of Venice. Janice Heck

One of the many lions in Venice. This one can be seen guarding the Molo San Marco near Piazza San Marco. The lion is a common symbol in Venice and reflects its historical connection to St. Mark, the patron saint of Venice.

For more posts in Travel Log: Venice, 2014 see below.

#AtoZ: P is for Photo Blog and On Top Again

atoz [2014] - BANNER - 910For the letter O, I posted several photos for the Daily Post WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Today, I want to add a few more photos. This week’s challenge is “On Top.” These two pictures of my granddaughters fit the bill.

Isabelle, my granddaughter, is loose-jointed and can perform amazing feats.

Isabelle, my granddaughter, is loose-jointed and performs amazing feats in gymnastics.

Granddaughter Madelynn is equally loose-limbed, loose-jointed, and talented. Amazing granddaughters!

Granddaughter, Madelynn, is equally loose-limbed, loose-jointed, and talented. Amazing granddaughters!


Your turn: What talents do your grandchildren have?

Janice Hall Heck, retired educator, blogger, and nitpicky editor of On the Horizon, a bi-monthly community newsletter for Horizons at Woods Landing, Mays Landing, NJ, is quite possibly a grammar geek.

logo 2.2Oh Heck! Another Writing Quirk,  theme for the amazing 2014 A to Z Challenge, suggests ways to improve our writing by avoiding and/or eliminating troublesome bug-a-boos that cramp our writing style.


P.S. Here’s a tutorial from from blogger friend Russell Ray:  How to create the “out-of-bounds” effect in Photoshop.


NaBloPoMo 15. WP Photo Challenge: Layers of Whatever

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

007 NJ Sculpture, CA desert 014 045 064 116 NJ Sculpture, CA desert 064 NJ Sculpture, CA desert 647 NJ Sculpture, CA desert 677

The Last Meow.

Cats galore, but organized! Picture: Troy Perault

Cats galore, but organized!
Picture: Troy Perault

And two more from us!  Layers of Kitty socks and Kitties in a tower.


#WANAFriday. Newly Discovered: Cee’s Photo Challenges

Today’s (9/6) WANAFriday prompt comes from Rabia Abbasi Gale

A New Discovery. It could be a recently discovered great author, band, or TV show. It could be a great walking route, an out-of-the-way antique store, or a perfect reading/writing nook. It could be a writing tip or a blogging trick. Share an exciting new discovery with us!

I like blog challenges such as the A to Z Blog Challenge that runs every April. The first A to Z I joined two years ago got me into regular blogging. I enjoyed the challenge of posting once a day for a month and met many new talented bloggers.  I joined the 2013 A to Z Blog Challenge and completed that, too. Blogging has become a habit, and I recently passed my 200 posts milestone.

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is fun, too. I enjoy coming up with my answer to the prompt, and then looking at the other creative, ingenious, talented photographers and their photo entries.

But recently I have discovered another photo challenge blog: Cee’s Photography: My Life in Photos

Cee’s Photography: Fun Foto Challenge

Cee posts a new Fun Foto Challenge every Tuesday. See the list of sample topics below.

Cee's photo challenge..logo

Click on the highlighted link to see entries in each challenge. Upcoming challenges are not highlighted until photographers post entries.

Basket of pomegranates at a street market in Ein Karem, Israel

Basket of pomegranates at a street market in Ein Karem, Israel

Cee’s Photography: Black and White Challenge

Every other Wednesday, Cee posts a new black-and-white photo challenge. See a list of a few upcoming challenges below.

Cees Black and white

Cee’s Photography: Which Way Challenge : New challenge posted every other  Wednesday.

Cee's Which-Way-Banner1

Ways we travel and beautify our world.

  • Roads:  gravel, asphalt, cobbled, dirt,
  • Freeway, Expressway, Highway
  • Bridges (any view)
  • Sidewalks
  • Indoor Walkways:  hallways, aisles, people movers, breezeway
  • Paths:  walking, bicycling
  • Stairs, Escalators, or Steps:  indoors, outdoors

Cee’s Share Your World Challenge

Cee posts a new challenge in this category every Monday. She asks four questions each week that can be answered in words or pictures.

Cees share-your-world2

This week’s Share Your World questions are:

  • If life was ‘just a bowl of cherries’…which fruit would you rather be?
  • If you could witness or physically attend any event past, present or future, what would it be?
  • If you could know the answer to any question, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, what would it be?
  • If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Writing prompts tend to get a bad name in the instructional world (“let them write creatively and from their own experiences!”), but real writers know that prompts can be just the ticket to get you on to new lines of thinking and creativity. I hope you check out these photo challenges and discover how much fun they can be!

P.S. Check out these other #WANAfriday Discoveries by my WANAmates:

The Last Meow

Well, I don’t think I’d like a bowl of cherries. How about a bowl of kibbies? That would make me happy and help fulfill my life’s goals (eat, play, sleep).


Meow for now.  =<^ ! ^>=

WordPress Photo Challenge: Focus on The Very Hungry Caterpillars

Last week I looked out my screen door only to discover an army of caterpillars dressed in green military fatigues chomping their way through my once thriving pot of parsley. I took several pictures to document the devastation, but my battery was low, and I could not get the focus right.


I charged the camera battery for about a half an hour, hoping the crawling critters would still be mowing the parsley so I could get a few focused pictures. Note that the focus improved once the battery had enough charge.


The caterpillars climb bare stalks looking for more of that good, leafy stuff.


Here the little herbivores go out on a limb to get the very last bites of leafy green. And look at that guard cat…asleep on the job…again. Fired!

The Last Meow

What? Me asleep on the job. No way. I know these green cuties will soon be sweet little flutterbys and will gather around all of your lovely butterfly bushes. See, I am always thinking about you. (That caterpillar on my ear did tickle a bit!)

Photo credit: dotsamson.wordpress.com

Photo credit: dotsamson.wordpress.com

Meow for now. =<^;^>=    

PS. Do you remember reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle in Kindergarten? Kids love that book and ask to hear it read or read it themselves over and over again.  Here Darren Robert McTurk reads this well-loved book for you.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Carefree Kitties in WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Here’s a parade of kitties in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree.  Enjoy.

Cat at Martha's Bloomers ..Tresha Berger

Cat at Martha’s Bloomers ..Tresha Berger


Bengal cat by Zoe Elliott

Bengal cat by Zoe Elliott


Daks (Sadako) by Arianne Z

Daks (Sadako) by Arianne Z


Zoee likes her new cat furniture by sued51

Zoee likes her new cat furniture by sued51


Sprawling in his box without a care in the world by Kelli Haley

Sprawling in his box without a care in the world by Kelli Haley


Indoor Cat by Dianda at Cats & Co.

Indoor Cat by Dianda at Cats & Co.


Cupcake  by amcnab

Cupcake by amcnabb


Those Darn Cats by Zeke Kubash

Those Darn Cats by Zeke Kubash


Cnapping...hard work but somebody's gotta do it. By hugmamma

Catnapping…hard work but somebody’s gotta do it. By hugmamma


Finally, here’s a funny from Simon’s cat: Craft Your Cat a Gift  (Directions for making cat toys)

Simon's Cat...Craft a Gift for Your Cat

Simon’s Cat…Craft a Gift for Your Cat

And here, Simon’s cat commandeers Simon’s box for his own pursuit of pleasure:  http://youtu.be/EKvNqe8cKU4

The Last Meow

Yeah. A cat’s parade. Anyone else want to join in? Add your post address in the comments section.

Meow for now.  =<^;^>=

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow. A Rooster Crows. Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu, Jerusalem

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge for week of August 2, 2013: Post a photograph that evokes FORESHADOW to you.

Photo credit: Janice Heck  In the courtyard of The Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu, Mount Zion, Jerusalem

Photo credit: Janice Heck. In the courtyard of The Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu, Mount Zion, Jerusalem  (Gallicantu means “cock’s crow.”)

In the Bible, Jesus foreshadowed an event to come when he said:

I tell you, Peter, the rooster shall not crow this day before you will deny three times that you know me.

A tableau with Peter, a woman who questions Peter, a Roman soldier, and a rooster on a pillar above, portrays this well-known biblical scene of Peter denying that he knows Jesus.

Photo credit: Janice Heck Peter: "Woman, I know him not."

Photo credit: Janice Heck, Non novi illum. Luke 22:57
Peter: “Woman, I know him not.”

A shrine to Peter’s denial of Christ was built in 457 AD in this location (Mount Zion), but it was destroyed in 1010. It was rebuilt in 1102 by Crusaders, but that too was later destroyed. It was not rebuilt until 1931 when the Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu was built. This tableau is in the courtyard of the church.

Here’s how others have interpreted “Foreshadow.”

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