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Photo Blog Challenges…a Growing List

I love photo challenges, and I join in when I can. I’ve met many good photographers in these challenges, and I love seeing all the creativity that comes from responding to a new challenge word each week and even the same challenge word week after week.

Here are some challenges you might enjoy trying:

Photo Challenges by Daysilent sunday


  1. Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge
  2. Silent Sunday by Cosmic Girlie  
  3. PhotoChallenge.org
  4. Sunday Stills by Ed
  5. Northwest Frame of Mind: 1 Day 1 World Project


  1. Cee’s Share Your World
  2. Phoneography Challenge  by Sally of Lens and Pens
  3. iPhoneography Monday by Gracie Binoya

Tuesdays   petchallenge

  1. Cee’s FunFotos
  2. Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge
  3. Sonel’s Weekly Photo Challenge – B&W
  4. Frizztext A to Z Challenge (photo a week)
  5. Jennifer Nicole Wells: One Word Photo Challenge


  1. Cee’s Which Way 
  2. Wordless Wednesday
  3. Ritva’s Black and White Wednesdays
  4. The View from Right Here: Your Best Shot of the Week


  1. Lingering Look at Windows Dawn Miller
  2. Cee’s Black & White Challenge  
  3. Travel with Intent: Look Up/Look Down Challenge


  1. The Daily Post Photo Challenge
  2. Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme 

Every Day Photo Challenges

  1. A-Z Fund Foodie Photo Cooking ChallengeSonel's bwphotochallenge-logo-sn
  2. Photo-A-Day Challenge by Fat Mum Slim
  3. Weekly Photo Challenge   Digital Photography School

Unspecified Days

  1. A-Z Fun Foodie Photo Cooking Challenge
  2. Close-up Macro Weekly Photography Challenge
  3.  Suellewellyn A Word A Week Photography Challenge 
  4. Catholic Photo Challenge: Seeing God in the Works of Creation  
  5. Festival of Leaves                           \

Monthly Challenge

  1. Lingering Look at Architecture – 1st of the month. Dawn Miller


Your Turn:

Of course, there are probably many more photo challenges on the Internet. Add yours in the comment section, and I will add it to the list here and on my Photo Blog Challenge page.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Night Falling in Ocean City, NJ

Daily Post. WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Night falling in Ocean City, NJ  Janice Heck, photo

Night falling in Ocean City, NJ. Janice Heck Photo

WPC: Extra, Extra 2: Mykonos Afternoon

While visiting the Greek island of Mykonos recently, my friend and I sat at a waterside café imbibing icy drinks, snacking on island specialties, and watching the tourists stream from the cruise ship that had just anchored in the harbor. (We had been lucky and had managed to snag places on the third tender to bring guests to shore.)

Across from the café sat a woman all dressed in black sharing our view.


The woman in black sat in the same spot for almost an hour, then she stood up, took off her shoes, and dabbled her feet in the cool, clear water, giving us the opportunity for an extra interesting photo.



WPC: Extra, Extra in Venice, Italy

Two of my favorite photos of Venice enhanced by gulls that flew into the setting.  The rain kept the gondolas docked for a short time, but as soon as the sun came back out, excited tourists climbed in for tours of the canals.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

#DailyPost #PhotoChallenge: #Spring: rolling down a grassy hill

Look for this challenge on The Daily Post: Spring

What could be more fun than rolling down a grassy hill on a warm spring day?

What could be more fun than rolling down a grassy hill on a warm spring day?

Janice Hall Heck, retired educator, blogger, wannabe photographer, and nitpicky editor of On the Horizon, a bi-monthly community newsletter for Horizons at Woods Landing, Mays Landing, NJ, is quite possibly a grammar geek.

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#AtoZ: Oh, On Top (Weekly Photo Challenge) and Other Writing Posts

atoz [2014] - BANNER - 910

Oh, a friend commented on one of my previously published photo posts and that reminded me that I haven’t posted any photos on the Daily Post WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge for a while. So I will take a break from posts on writing quirks and flash a few photos. That will give my poor typing fingers a rest and maybe my brain, too.

Cat chases mouse on top of a weather vane. San Diego, CA, Olde Town

Cat chases mouse on top of a weather vane. San Diego, CA, Olde Town


A pineapple atop a fountain  in Fort Myers, Fl.

A pineapple atop a fountain in Fort Myers, Fl.


Looking up at “Moving Forward” by Delores Fell in Riverside Park, Bonita Springs, Florida.

Looking up at “Moving Forward” by Delores Fell in Riverside Park, Bonita Springs, Florida.

Snow on top my  garden cat.

Snow on top of my garden cat. Definitely not a sunny day.


Snow on top of another of my many garden cats.

Snow on top of another of my many garden cats.

You’ve heard the commercial, “Let someone else do the driving”? Well, for this post I let someone else do the writing. Here are a few posts from the AtoZ.

This first post came in at a timely moment. It showed up only two hours after I had read the note about a “one-sheet” on the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference website. (Next conference: July 30-August 2)

Deena Rae, e-bookbuilders One-Sheet for Your  Book

And a few more:

The Missouri Writers’ Guild, What Does It Take To Be a Writer?
RJSeeley, I’ve Always Been a Writer
Dani at http://onlybooksandhorses.wordpress.com Writing Inspiration: New York City
Gene’O of The Writing Catalog: Pacing
Daily Post, WordPress: Blogging 101: Love Your Theme

And here is a previous post I did on direct OBJECTS: D is for direct object or happy birthday.


Your turn: What writing quirks or interesting words do you find in writing?

Janice Hall Heck, retired educator, blogger, and nitpicky editor of On the Horizon, a bi-monthly community newsletter for Horizons at Woods Landing, Mays Landing, NJ, is quite possibly a grammar geek.

logo 2.2Oh Heck! Another Writing Quirk,  theme for the amazing 2014 A to Z Challenge, suggests ways to improve our writing by avoiding and/or eliminating troublesome bug-a-boos that cramp our writing style.


WP Photo Challenge: Reflections

Daily Post: WordPress: Reflections 

Shooting into the sun produces silvery reflections on the water and sharp silhouettes on land.

Six Lakes, North Fort Myers, Fl

Six Lakes, North Fort Myers, Florida

camera dump 664The Last Meow…

Reflections. Yes. This is a lovely reflection of me, don’tcha think? I am thinking of entering a beauty contest. I am sure I will win. Just look at my glossy coat, my fine white whiskers, my demure manner, and my sweet personality. Perfection.

Photo credit: The Creative Cat

Photo credit: The Creative Cat

And here are some more kitty reflections…

Meow for now.  =<^;^>=

And here are some more reflections:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections « sianakdesa

wordless wednesday

wordpress-logo-stacked-bgCee's photo challenge..logo


NaBloPoMo_MoreLess - Dec

WP Photo Challenge: Focus. Lillies after the Storm

A recent posting by Cee (see below) inspired me to post this picture of lilies after a storm.


Click here to see Cee’s “Macro Monday: Grandma’s Lemon PIe Dahlia. It is gorgeous.

The Last Meow

Hey, those flowers are lovely, but where did you plant the catnip? This stuff here is just parsley. I can’t eat that. C’mon, where’s the good stuff?

cats in parsley

 Meow for now. =<^;^>=

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece at Petra

Masterpiece.  A place that blows your mind; a work of art or object that speaks to you; or even a location or scene that’s special, unusual, or even magical in some way.

Out of seemingly inhospitable and hostile desert land, lined with sheer red sandstone cliffs, in a country now known as Jordan, the Nabataeans carved out a civilization that hosted thirsty camels and trade caravans for several hundred of years (312 BC to  106 AD). In its heyday, the Nabataean population ranged between 20 and 30,000 people.

A photos this post, except otherwise noted, by Janice Heck, December 2012

All photos in this post by Janice Heck, December 2012

The Nabataeans tamed the flash floods that taunted the area and captured water in cisterns, dams, and water conduits carved in the rock (you can still see these conduits today). The biblical Spring of Moses also provided water for the Petra Basin.

Settled since prehistoric times, Petra grew to be a major trading center between the 3rd century BC and 1st century AD. To the north from Petra, traders linked to Silk Road at Damascus heading to India and China. To the west at Gaza on the Mediterranean and Aqaba and Leuce Come on the Red Sea, traders carried their valuable cargo and connected with sea routes to Greece and Rome. To the south,  traders came and went to Arabia and Egypt. To the east, traders headed across the Sinai desert to the Persian Gulf and on to India.

Trade routes to and from Petra Photo credit: pennmuseum.com

Trade routes to and from Petra
Photo credit: pennmuseum.com

After the fourth century, the city declined due to earthquakes (363 AD) that damaged the water system. In addition, the Romans changed the trade routes and relied more on the Red Sea ports close to Egypt to transport goods. These changes ended Petra’s dominance in the area.

The city was essentially forgotten for hundreds of years until Joseph Ludwig Burckhardt, an explorer on his way to Egypt, investigated rumors of a lost city and rediscovered Petra in 1812. Now Petra is a tourist area with between 50,000 and a half a million people visiting it each year, depending on the political climate. I visited Petra in December of 2012, and President Obama visited in March of 2013.

We reached Petra, 160 miles from Amman, the capital of Jordan, via the Desert Highway (Route 15) traveling in a mini-bus with our small group of seven travelers, one guide, and the bus driver. We returned to Amman via the slower route via King’s Highway (Route 49), stopping at the Dead Sea and Mt. Nebo along the way back to Amman.

Small crowds at Petra that day meant that we could ride in the horse-drawn carts through the half-mile hard-packed dirt trail to the major site. Donkeys are available for transport purposes, too.

2012 Israel Trip 1018

Enter Petra through The Siq, a narrow split in the red sandstone mountains.

2012 Israel Trip 1035

Two of us held on, yes, for dear life, to the flimsy canopy braces in the weathered and beaten horse cart with its wizened driver and its smelly, impatient-to-get-going horse.

2012 Israel Trip 1088

We rocked and jolted along the uneven dirt path, holding our breaths as much as possible, taking shallow breaths when critical, down a path just wide enough for two carts to pass each other.

2012 Israel Trip 1024

In places where the ravine narrowed, one cart had to give in to another, more aggressive driver, playing chicken as it were, to go through the narrowest area (about a meter wide).

2012 Israel Trip 1038

Through the break in the ravine walls ahead, we caught a teasing, un-focused glimpse of what was to come.

2012 Israel Trip 1028

And here is the masterpiece: The Treasury, carved in the rock in the 1st Century BC. Designed by Hellinistic architects, the Treasury stands majestically as the major feature of this wide gorge at the end of the Siq.

2012 Israel Trip 1030

And of course, here is the obligatory tourist photo taken on that cold, windy day.

2012 Israel Trip 1031

Later, on March 23, 2013 President Obama visited this same site on his trip to speak with King Hussein of Jordan.

Of all the places I have visited, Petra is number one on my list as the most spectacular, the most unusual, the most magnificent, and the most fascinating historical place of all.  And I must admit, the horse cart ride was a once-in-a-lifetime, hilarious event. The Treasury building is just at the beginning of this trek, but there is so much more to see here, Perhaps I will do another post on Petra in the near future.

The Last Meow

Well, yes (yawn), Petra is interesting. But I rather like the ruins in Ephesus. Don’t you think this picture of me is grand?

Photo credit: the labyringuide

Photo credit: the labyringuide

Meow for now. =<^;^>=

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh as in “Jersey Fresh”

Daily Post: WordPress.com: Weekly Photo Challenge, July 19, 2013. Theme:  “Fresh”

Fresh flowers from the yard . . .028

Fresh vegetables from the garden . . .


Fresh roasted tomatoes with basil and parsley . . .


Fresh blueberries from the farm . . .


Hot blueberry tart fresh from the oven . . .

Easy-Peasey Blueberry Tart

Easy-Peasey Blueberry Tart

Jersey Fresh produce . . .


Dinner will be ready soon!

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