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A Wordle of Welcome

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WANA Friday Prompt: Every Friday, the WANA 112 group (Kristen Lamb’s little lambs: We Are Not Alone in this blogosphere) blogs on a prompt suggested by a WANA team member. This week’s prompt is. . .

Create a Wordle (www.wordle.net) of something you have written.

My Wordle features my very first blog post on WordPress: “Hello. Welcome to My Time to Write,” January 28, 2012. It gives a visual summary of my life experiences and writing interests.

001 (2)

The Last Meow

Don’t forget us kitties. We have a Wordle of our own. How do you like it?

001 (17)

Meow for now. =<^;^>=

Check out these #WANAFriday Wordles:

Kim Griffin

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Rabia Gale

May 5, Blog Every Day in May: Blogger Buddies

Blog Every Day in May, May 5 prompt: “Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends.”


I recently hit several milestones in my blogging career: 10,000 views  on April 22, 2013, and shortly thereafter, 100 posts on May 2, the day I completed the 2013 A to Z Challenge reflection post.

On that day, I thanked my faithful early followers. I love them all. It would be too hard to pick out just one from this group. Each one has such a creative flair, a commitment to excellence, an encouraging nature, and a wicked sense of humor.Kristen Lamb

But I do have to admit, there is one blogger who brought all of this together: Kristen Lamb, author of We Are Not Alone (WANA), The Writer’s Guide to Social Media.  Kristen brought our WANA 112 group together in January of 2012, and many of us still connect on our closed group Facebook page. Kristen was instrumental in helping us develop those wild and wonderful descriptive taglines for our blogs (see below). Notice that all of these blogs use our own names as blog titles. This was Kristen’s suggestion for building our writing platforms.

Tah Dah. Here they are…my blogger buddies.

Tami Clayton, Taking Tea in the Kasbah
Elaine Smothers, Wonder in the Wild
emaginette, Shout With Emaginette
Glenda Mills, Meet Me On The Mountain
Barbara Forte Abate, Scribbling Outside The Lines
Judythe Morgan, Voice and Views from The Front Porch
Mike Schulenberg, Realms of Perilous Wonder
Sheila Pierson, Wonderstruck
Ellen V. Gregory, to beyond and back
Jodi Lea Stewart   Walking on Sunshine
Liv Rancourt, Laughter, life and romance under partly sunny skieswana logo
Elizabeth Fais, Where the awesome begins
Sara Walpert Foster, Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition
Siri Paulson, everyday enchantments
Linda Adams, Soldier, Storyteller
Sherry Isaac, Psychological Sizzle
Sherri Martin-Hutchins, live wonderstruck
And none of us could get anywhere without advice from Laird Sapir, of Shabby Chic Sarcasm

Blogging buddies are the best!

Click on WANA (now International) to find out more about what’s going on with WANA.

Fluffy Cat vs Hard-shelled Turtle. Who will win?

The learning curve for how to blog on WordPress can look like an undulating wave rather than a nice smooth upward line.

For me, it’s been more like an almost straight-up vertical incline. But I have secret help: WANA friends (We Are Not Alone). Thanks to Kristen Lamb (http://warriorwriters.com), we can seek out our WANA friends for help with the technical details of blogging. So when I saw this cat and turtle encounter, I thought I might try my hand at embedding a video in my blog. Wana friend Laird recently published a post on how to do just this. (http://www.lairdsapir.com/2012/02/gettin-friendly-with-wordpress/) Good timing for me!

So here’s the video. Cross your fingers that I followed the directions carefully enough.

Thanks again, Laird. I think I see the top of this vertical incline now.  I have printed off your directions for the next time. Now I need to learn more about shortlinks!


Where are you on the learning WordPress learning curve?

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