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Michelle’s Pet Challenge: Avery Visits Alzheimer’s Patients

Michelle’s Pet Challenge Week 38

My daughter’s adorable teacup Yorkie, Avery, visits Alzheimer’s patients and brings them cheer. This is such a meaningful thing to do. Thanks to all of you volunteers who do this. We all appreciate your efforts and service. Special thanks to you, Lisa, for sharing your sweetie pie with those less fortunate.


X Bonus: Xena, Warrior Puppy, Helps Autistic Boy

Bonus X in the A to Z Challenge. This my second X post. Click the title to read the first one,  X is for X-It (exit) Strategy.a-to-z-letters-2013

Read a  very touching story about an eight-year-old autistic child, Jonny Hickey, and his very lovable Xena 3 tdy-130424-xenaforlaura4_photoblog600dog, Xena, the Warrior Puppy.  Click on Today Health to read the full story.

The dog, who was perhaps four-months-old when he was found and brought to an animal shelter in Georgia, had been abused and was in very poor condition. Health recovered, he now lives happily with Jonny.   This arrangement has been a blessing for both of them. Get your tissues out.

Animals can be used in therapy with all kinds of special needs situations. Next week, I’ll tell you about a dog who spends his days in a nursing home where my sister lives.

The Last Meow.

Well, I guess some dogs are okay. This one seems to be a nice fella, so he can visit here on our blog. But just a visit. That’s it. The general rule is NO DOGS ALLOWED, but we will make an exception just this once.?????????????????????????????????????????????????

Meow for now.  =<^.^>=

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