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Gotta Love Internet Grammar: Pronoun Abuse

Have you seen that coffee mug that says:

“I’m mentally checking your grammargrammar mug“? (Available from CafePress)

Well, a lot of us grammar nerdies do the same thing with Internet stories.

My chuckle for today came from a video clip and story from Jukin Media showing a pediatrician giving shots to a baby.

(I misread Jukin at first as Junk In. Second chuckle)

“This pediatrician was giving a baby a shot when he began singing a song to keep them calm. As he hummed a goofy tune and playfully poked their tummy, he quickly administered the shots and distracted them from their pain.”

The writer used three singular and four plural pronouns in two awkward sentences.       he, them, he, their, he, them, their

To avoid the his/her problem, the writer used plural pronouns. While this practice is becoming more accepted, it’s awkward and grates on grammar proficient ears. 

If  a sentence seems awkward, rewrite it. Try this next version with one pronoun.

To distract the baby, the pediatrician tickles and taps the baby’s arms, legs, and tummy while singing a boppy song. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Bop, bop, bop…Shot. Giggle, giggle.

Success! No tears.

One more shot. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Bop, bop, bop. Shot.

Oops. Baby takes one deep breathe, scrunches up his face, and howls.

Oh well, it worked the first time.

If you have too many pronouns in a sentence, you will produce an awkward sentence and possibly confuse the reader. Rewrite it.

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NaBloPoMo 15.2 Cee’s Which Way: Ride Off into the Sunset

NaBloPoMo_November_smallNaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month: 30 posts in November Cee's Which-Way-Banner1


Cee’s Which Way Challenge #13:

Which way should I go?

019Life gives us these choices sometimes.

Head off into the sunset and see what golden opportunities lie ahead, or turn left and skirt the opportunities. Maybe we’re afraid of the brightness ahead, maybe even the coming darkness, or maybe we know this road ahead has some potholes, and we want to avoid them. But look! This patch of red sky invites us and welcomes us into a better day tomorrow. Let’s head for this better day instead of avoiding it. Who knows what we will accomplish. Who know what we will see. Who knows whom we will meet.

C’mon. Let’s go.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: There is no specific theme given.  It just needs to be some sort of  ‘Which Way’. The possibilities are endless.

Join in with the challenge or to view other Which Ways.

Here are a few others who joined the challenge:

Exquisite Sunset by Cassandra Heck

No words needed for this picture!

Photo by Cassandra Heck Lake Fred at Stockton College, Galloway, NJ

Photo by Cassandra Heck
Lake Fred at Stockton College, Galloway, NJ

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