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O is for Ocean City, NJ

My husband, Ken, likes to tell this story when he introduces me to old acquaintances or new friends.

“Jan has lived and visited places all over the world: Alaska, Hong Kong, China, Peru, European Countries, Kenya, India…but ask her what her favorite place in the world is, and she always answers. . .

Ocean City, NJ.”

True. I love Ocean City. Maybe it’s because of childhood memories of playing on the beach, building elaborate sand castles, diving into the freezing cold surf, riding the waves to shore, and eating pizza on the boardwalk.


Ocean City is a family town.

In some lucky summers, my grandchildren and all of their cuzzies come to visit and experience those same thrills I had as a child.

Summer breezes, mists in the morning, Brown’s cider donuts, Johnson’s popcorn, free samples from Fudge Kitchen, Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, Castaway Cove, the Music Pier. I could go on and on. Maybe I should do an Ocean City A to Z this summer! Okay, I will. Watch for posts in June, July, and August.

So meet me at the beach. We like to hang at 3rd Street beach during the day and the boardwalk at night. C’mon down.

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