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Saturday Silliness: Cute Kitty Workers

Minimum wage for these two cuties is a bowl of kibbles and as many hugs and cuddles a day as they can garner from staff and customers at Canadian Tire, a company with heart. Workers rescued these kitties, now named Baby and Jimmy, from harsh winter conditions where they found them outside the store in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. Now they live quite contentedly in their new home. Who knew that cats could help sell tires?

cats at Canadian tire store

See them at work in this video from Lovemeow.com

NoBloPoMo 2: Tis the Season to…Change My Socks!

This is a bit of Saturday Silliness for Cat-Fur-Day and NoBloPoMo.

My husband laughs at me because I collect socks for every season. He calls me the “Sock Girl” because I have drawers of special season socks. That’s not a sock fetish, is it?

Right now, I have to switch from my Halloween socks…


to my Christmas socks…  (Odd. I don’t have any Thanksgiving socks. I’ll have to fix that little problem!)


After Christmas comes…Valentine’s Day. (Wow, how many days can you wear Valentine’s Day socks?)


Next up…St. Patrick’s Day.




Then any day is “Crazy Sock Day”! (Fridays are good for these socks. Of course, it helps if you are retired! You can get away with all of this silliness.)


And somewhere I have red-white-and-blue socks for July 4th, although by that time of year, it’s time for bare feet or sandals.

The Last Meow

Hey, Missy Jan. Just wait one little minute. What about us? Haven’t you forgotten “Cat Sock” season?

"Persimmon" enjoying the sun at Longwood Gardens, PA. Dawn Ellis photo.

“Persimmon” enjoying the sun at Longwood Gardens, PA. Dawn Ellis photo.

Mark your calendar. Cat Sock season runs between Halloween and Christmas, between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, between Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, between St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, and between Easter and July 4th. You can have the summer days off, but be sure you restart Cat Sock season in September!


Meow for now.  =<^;^>=

Saturday Silliness: Cat-a-Log of Cat-vertizments

I know. I am soooo cute.

I know. I am soooo cute.

It’s been a gloomy, rainy day, so it’s time for a little silliness. Check out these cute cat-vertisements.

1. Hungry? Tasty Vita-bites or Hot Shot Mouse. What’s Your Pick?

2. Cowboys herding cats?   Is That Even Possible? (Only if the cats happen to be going your way!)

3. Are there ever too many cats? Well, maybe. Here’s how you can help.

4. Cat-vertiser Agency. Really. Yes, spouting a truth we all have come to realize: Cats Rule!

The Last Meow

(All of this notoriety fame is going to their heads. Look at how silly they get when you give them a little attention. Show-offs!)

We is famous! We is famous. Let's party!

We is famous! We is famous. Let’s party!

And now we can nap! Yippee!

weekend cat

Meow for now.  =<^$^>=

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