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Cat Heaven Island in Japan–Photos

In the April 2013 A to Z Challenge, I wrote a post “Z is for Zoomorphic Architecture: Cats Immortalized.” I mentioned this island and its zoomorphic (animal-shaped) camping structures. In case you missed that post, you can read that it above or here.

Cat lovers visit Tashimojima, Japan, a tiny island accessible only by boat off the coast of Fukuoka, Northern Japan, and have the opportunity to camp out in these zoomorphic facilities and observe the islands’ cats.

Today, Buzzfeed displays photographs of these feline inhabitants taken by Japanese photographer Fubirai over a period of five years:   “50 Amazing Photos from Cat Heaven Island in Japan.”

Kittens on Japan Cat Island


The Last Meow.

Oh, my gosh. I never knew I had so many cousins. With all those fishing boats and fish around, these furry felines will never go hungry.


Meow for now.  =<^:^>=

Here’s an update on these kitties. 11/15/13 So there’s a tiny island in Japan and your’re gonna want to see what’s there!

and here: Cat Island Japan 

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