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Cee’s Fun Foto: Pot Head? Flower Bed?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Janice Heck photo

Pot Head?


Janice Heck photo

Flower Bed?


Daily Post Photo Challenge: Dialogue in Pictures

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Imagine the dialogue between two sisters in the garden.

Grounds for Sculpture, Trenton, NJ, Janice Heck Photo

A lovely afternoon for “Two Sisters” at the Grounds for Sculpture, Trenton, NJ


Knitting in the garden, Janice Heck photo

Perhaps they talk about a knitting project the younger sister will soon begin.

Perhaps they talk about the lovely flowers in the daughter's hat.

Perhaps they talk about the lovely flowers in the sister’s hat.

Janice Heck photo

Perhaps they talk about the lovely garden setting.

Or perhaps they talk about other secret matters.


This sculpture is a 3-D rendition by J. Seward Johnson, Jr. of Pierre-August Renoir’s “Two Sisters” painting. The sculpture can be seen at Grounds for Sculpture, Trenton, NJ.  It has been called “Family Secret” in a few sources.  Here is a view of the original which can be seen at the Art Institute Chicago.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Two Sisters, 1879

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Two Sisters, 1879

WANAFriday: Witches on the Prowl

The WANAFriday prompt for Friday, October 11, comes from Kim Griffin.  (Delayed post!)

Witches ~ What images does this conjure up?

Deep in the woods of NJ, I found this triad of witches, no doubt conjuring up their next evil deeds, their cauldron brewing in the background. I could hear them snickering and cackling and chortling over their dubious devious designs. I could only pick out a word or two here and there of their conversations  (“tasty morsels,” “scaredy-cat kid porridge,” “brat soup,” “leg of kid,” “liver pâté,” and “jellied hearts”). The witches had big plans.

Silly children on a school trip did not take this situation seriously. They gawked and took pictures, even though their lives were in serious, even mortal, danger. Oh well, kids think they are invulnerable to bad things. The witches, itching to spring into action on a secret signal from their leader, must have been thinking: “Fresh young things for lunch! Yum!”


I snuck up for a closer look.


Then I took a look in their cauldron. No doubt, the witches were already planning to have a tasty lunch. (Well, the kids finally ran away, so the triad of trickery were stuck with the much tougher boiled crocs.)


Okay, here’s the truth: Before I left for a vacation in California recently, a friend and I visited Grounds for Sculpture, an exquisite 35-acre park located at 18 Fairgrounds Road in Trenton, New Jersey. We found these witchy, bigger-than-life statues among the garden sculptures. What an astounding place. We were surprised and awed at the variety of sculpture, the beauty of the gardens, the whimsical nature of some of the sculptures, and the humor in the displays. This is a very special place for a day trip. We had our own delicious lunch at the Rats Café on the Grounds for Sculpture property. (Rats Café from The Wind and The Willows.) Definitely go visit this place!

The following video will give you a good view of the Grounds for Structure:

WANAFriday Posts

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Happy Witching!

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