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Saturday Silliness: Where do cats sleep?

Where do cats sleep? Like 800-pound gorillas, cats sleep anywhere they want.

Cats pride themselves on NOT being ordinary. They are creative, inventive, independent, unique creatures. They have live-and-let-live attitudes (unless you forget to feed them or interrupt their naps), and they have the most flexible bones in the world. Cats have their own point of view on just about everything.

Here are a few amusing kitty siestas spots as found on And My Cat, Petflow, Cat Swag, E-Cute, 1,000,000 Pictures, or from Internet friends.

The all-time favorite place for cats to sleep is in a plain, old box. Size doen’t matter. This demonstrates flexibility and adaptability.

Sleeping in a basket is another popular choice. The bird is optional. Picture: Haryo Bagus Handako

Of course, some humans have designed special beds for their spoiled sweet little kitties.      1,000,000 Pictures

Ah yes, another human indulges provides the kitties with these adorable bunk beds.
Picture: And My Cat

Bunk beds? How about octo-beds?
Picture: Troy Perault

Maybe it’s a  little lumpy and small, but a Barbie bed is not a bad place for a nappy.
Picture: Tara Robertson

Some kitties have their own idea about perfect sleeping arrangements.
Picture: And My Cat

Sleeping in a violin case? Whatever.
Picture: Cat Swag

The original in-and-out cat
Picture: And My Cat

Sometimes ya gets so tired, ya falls asleep wherever ya falls asleep.

And sometimes your buddies find a good place for a nap, and you just have to join them.

Sleeping all coiled up.
Picture: e-cute

At least it’s cooler here!
Picture: Petflow

The queen’s bed is always a nice place to snuggle.
Picture: Rebekah Mayes

Shhhh. Don’t tell Mama where I am!

Babysitting is such hard work that a nap is often required. (Laps for naps!)
Picture: And My Cat

Buddha’s lap is a little harder, but it’s still an okay place for a little shuteye.

But this is the best place for a cuddle-nap: in Mama’s arms when she’s feeling punky.
Picture: E-Cute


What is the most unusual place you have seen a cat sleep? And where is your favorite place for a cat-nap?

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