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The Perfect Husband

A little treat my husband baked…

Janice Heck photo... love a husband

Thanks, Ken.

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Embarrassed? Moi?

BlogEverday[1]Blog Every Day in May. Prompt 10. Most Embarassing Moment

Me? Do something to embarrass myself? Well, yes. Regularly. Don’t you?

I did it almost daily in elementary school. I didn’t have the right clothes or the right shoes or the right hair cut. And I couldn’t hit the softball worth a darn on the playground. (And, yes, we played in dresses in those old-timey days.)  Kids teased me.  I was painfully shy, and every tease added to my shyness.  baseball 2

In retrospect, I have to say that those monumental moments of childhood embarrassment amount to a mere nothing at this point. Once I realized that other people’s opinions about me didn’t matter, then the teasing didn’t matter either. I focused more on other things and learned how to hit the softball better. By seventh grade, my classmates realized that I was one mean pitcher, and I got chosen for teams early on in the starting lineup.

Of course, as adults, our children have done their rightful duties by saying things or doing things at such opportune times that maximum benefit could be made out of the embarrassment. There was the time that. . . well, never mind. No point in going into all that. Besides, my children have children of their own now! HaHa.

Now, as an adult in my, ummmm, more mature years, I feel embarrassed when I am the center of attention. I have made my My-Heck-Of-A Husband (MHOAH) PROMISE that he would never, ever give me a surprise birthday party, anniversary party, or any other party where I would be the center of attention. It’s written in our marriage contract, right next to the clause where he promises to do all the vacuuming, and I promise to watch. We review this contract periodically, so HE KNOWS. You can see that our marriage is loaded with Double Happiness! (Double Happiness in Marriage, Guaranteed!)

She's got it right!

She’s got it right!

I let it go by when MHOAH told our church choir director, Glen, that it was my birthday last month and had the choir sing to me after our Thursday night practice. That error on MHOAH’s part was marginal. Noted, but not in concrete. I turned it around by announcing that MHOAH would bring cookies to choir practice the following week. Then when he forgot, someone in the choir embarrassed HIM by asking where they were. Got him there, didn’t I?

The Last Meowcat pink

What some humans do to us cats is embarrassing. A pink cat? Give me a break. This is not fair.

cat and dog cuddle

Dogs and cats are not supposed to be friends. So DO NOT tell anyone about this embarrassing moment in my cat life.

Meow for now.  ={^;^}=

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