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Collaborative Writing and ADHD

Yesterday I wrote an article on FAQs: Collaborating on Writing: ADHD: You’ve Got My Attention! Today, I came across this article from Joanne Penn’s blog, Collaborative Writing in a Shared World. Written by David Mark Brown, the article emphasizes the benefits of collaborative writing when working with other writers. Many of the same principles apply to writing buddies working together: sharing strengths and expertise, doing what you do best and setting aside the rest, and becoming more productive as writers.

Instead of working in a world of isolation, individual writers group and pop with ideas. Talents and skills are stretched to the next level by the challenge of working together. Great motivation and mental stimulation.

My work with Chaplain Bob Ossler is an example of this. Ideas constantly circulatedaydreaming 2 through Bob’s over-stuffed brain, charging at the synapses to get out. Yet working together, we have written and published two books together. Triumph Over Terror and ADHD: You’ve My Attention! Neither of us could have done this alone. We combined his stories and ideas with my writing skills. Voila!

In FAQs: Collaborating on Writing: ADHD: You’ve Got My Attention!   I suggested ideas for collaborative writing with a person with ADHD. Our next step might be to use some of David Mark Brown’s ideas for collaborative writing electronically.

In the meantime, here is the link to Joanna Penn’s blog which is chock-full of ideas for writing and marketing books. Joanna Penn’s blog

And of course, a link to one of Joanna Penn’s books!

Joanna Penn  How To Market a Book

How to Make a Living with Your Writing

Happy Collaborative Writing!

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