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NaBloPoMo 16. Snarky Cats CatFurDay Commentary

Hello World,

Missy Jan has given us kitties this very special day, CatFurDay (some call it Caterday), as our own special day on her blog. Finally. It took her long enough.

Usually she just sticks us at the end of her post, but we in no uncertain terms politely demanded told her suggested that she should give us more air time. We are just tired of being second-class catizens.

Don’t you think that would be more fun for us to talk than to listen to her rant all the time?

She agreed to our insistent nagging polite ultimatum umm hint…surprise of surprises!

So, we thought we would share some important cat stories.

1. Cat Safety Signage.

We are quite pleased (purr, purr) to see that our local municipalities are finally responding to our polite requests (you know how polite we are, right?) to post signs in the neighborhood in order to improve feline communication and safety. Here are the first two:112


And finally, finally, finally, we have this one. Why did it take so long? Penny-pinching human bureaucracies!


2. Kitty Transport Services

Bikes. Twenty-five mile ride? Wow. Mary Jane (MJ for short) hangs out with her human, Rudy Salvia, for long bike rides. Fun, fun, fun.

Trains. How about this London kitty who rode the Victoria line train from Seven Sisters Station to Vauxhall? Guess he got tired of his current living accommodations and wanted to do something about it. And really, those station signs were just not written clearly enough. How’s a cat to know? Anyway, all’s well that ends well. “Oyster” arrived safely at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (BDCH) and is now looking for his old owner to humbly and penitently come and fetch him. If not, the BDCH will find more suitable living accommodations with a human underling who knows how to treat royalty. (By the way, did you notice Oyster’s eye lines? Remember Cleopatra? She tried to copy this style, but she never quite got it right. Humans. What can you expect!)

cat on train - Oyster


We kitties love to ride buses. Here are a few of our stories.

Casper is a regular bus commuter.

Miss City Kitty loves the bus, too, and she never gets lost!

Mystery McCavity rides the bus to the local fish and chips shop.

Artful Dodger rides the bus routinely.

Maybe these kitties belong to our old friend T. S. Eliot.  Remember him from this post? The Naming of Blogs is a Difficult Matter. Lots of famous, talented kitties in that post! Go read it. Now. (Okay, pretty please. Is that a little more polite?)

Kitty Whisker’s List: Personals, Items for Sale, Community Notices, Housing Adscat whiskas 2

BTW, you might wander over to Whisker’sList.com (the Craig’s list for kitties) where there’s all kinds of kitty-related stuff for sale. (#Justkidding!) But no kidding, you might find this an interesting site. Then you might be tempted to buy the book!

That’s the last meow for now, folks. Next time Missy Jan lets us post on her blog, we want to tell you about more kitty surprises.  See you all again very soon. Now back to our very lovely, cheerful human blog post writer. Take it away, Missy Jan.

Hey, Snarky Cats. Yes, you.

Missy Jan here. Can I at least have a little corner of this post? I want to kick you off the post Thank you for bringing jan in floridasuch fun information to my blog. I bet my readers will hate love it all. Maybe we can NEVER do this again! And if I do let you do another post, you’d better get it finished earlier. No more sneaking it in just under the wire at 11:48 PM (with just twelve minutes to spare in NaBloPoMo 16). That’s just too stressful!

What do you folks think? Should I let the Snarky Cats take over my blog on a few CarFurDays? (Personally, I am not so sure they can handle so much responsibility, but if y’all think they can do, I’ll give them another chance.)

Missy Jan 

Caterday Silliness: More Cat-Puchino Kitties

Want some more cat-puchino? (We had some last Caterday: Have a Cat-puchino and Relax.)

Kazuki Yamamoto

Kazuki Yamamoto

Here’s one more created by Kazuk Yamamoto at the Café 10g in Osaka, Japan.   You can see more cat-pu-kitties here.

cat coffee friends.  Kazuk Yamamoto

And here’s one very silly kitten….found on Facebook. (The funny part is near the end.)

Meow for now. ={^;^}=

P.S. We’re going to an Amish Market in Vineland, NJ today. What are you doing?

Caterday: Have a Cat-puchino and Relax

Caterday is always a fun day. Take a break today and have a Cat-puchino.

cat cappuchino

The Last Meow

How about a cute little Cool Whip kitten to make you smile? (video)cool whip kitten

Excuse me now. The phone is ringing and I have to answer it. (Cat answers phone-video.)

Meow for now. =(*;*)=

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