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Apology to Readers of Blog Every Day

BlogEverday[1]Blog Every Day in May. Prompt 13. Issue a public apology.

This is an appropriate one for today. It just so happens that I missed Sunday’s post, number 12, as well as Monday’s post, number 13.

I have an excuse. Honest. Actually, I have several excuses.

1. My May 12 blog is about “What or who do you miss?” That post fell on Mother’s Day, so naturally, I thought about Mom. But as I wrote about her, I found I had a lot to say and couldn’t quite get the post finished. In fact, I am still tweaking my writing today. I hope to add the Mother’s Day post tonight after My-Heck-of-A-Guy does his picky-picky edit. With more than 250 words, he will take a bit longer to knit-pick proofread. I do appreciate his willingness to do this. Missing a typo or other error  is easy to do when you proofread your own work. (You bloggers know that!)

2. I got a call yesterday around 1 pm that my sister, MsJoanne, is back in the hospital. She apparently had another stroke just after lunch yesterday. (I talked about her first major stroke here.)  She is still in the ICU unit of the hospital and on hourly monitoring. She was alert yesterday and could answer the typical questions (name, birthplace, president, year…), and she also gave important contact phone numbers to the doctor. My sister, Bev, and I dropped everything and went to see her.  At this point she has not stabilized and still has some bleeding in her brain. This is an hour-by-hour situation. Bev and MsJoanne’s son, Mark, visited today. I will go tomorrow.

Ms. Joanne, Adam, and Gunner, the community dog, at Juniper Village

Ms. Joanne (after her first stroke, in the wheelchair), Adam (my brother), and Gunner (the community dog) at Juniper Village where Ms. Joanne resides.

At any rate, I have gotten back to my blogging this morning, and just published (out-of-order) post number 14. That one was easy and fun to write: Ten Favorite Things. And number 13 is just about finished. Now, because I will be away for four days, I must try to get a few posts ahead. I guess I won’t be leaving this computer chair for quite a while today.

The Last Meow

cat embarrassed

Well, yes, I must admit that I get embarrassed sometimes, although I won’t admit it to my owners. They don’t-have-to-know. They would just laugh.

What? This is just a cat collar. Stop laughing!

What? This is just a cat collar. Stop laughing!

Meow for now. ={*;*}=

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