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Cee’s Odd Ball Photos: Unka Bill’s Flower Beds

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 11

My brother Bill (Unka Bill to the kids) is an odd ball really interesting guy, but sometimes he gets a little mixed up. When he hears the term “flower bed,” this is what he thinks:

Brother Bill's Flower Bed

Brother Bill’s Flower Bed

Then again, here’s another oddity in his yard:

Fresh corn on a spike for those pesky squirrels. Come and get it! We put this cob or corn out and went back into the house. Fifteem minutes later we checked back, and all we saw was a bare cob and not a squirrel in sight.

A picnic table for squirrels?

Now really. Who puts out a picnic table for squirrels? That is a bit odd unusual don’t you think?


And let’s not stop with the picnic table. Here’s Unka Bill’s special squirrel feeding station.

At our house, we chase the bird-seed-stealing squirrels away from the feeders, but not Unka Bill. He puts fresh corn (bought at the Summerville Flowertown Festival) out on a mini-picnic table posted up on a tree for those pesky squirrels.

Fresh corn on a spike for those pesky squirrels! Really odd!

I personally witnessed this odd behavior event. He put this cob of corn (previously promised for our dinner, mind you!) up on his fancy-schmancy squirrel feeder and went back into the house. Fifteen minutes later, he checked back, and all he saw was a bare cob and not a squirrel in sight. Ungrateful little fellas. They didn’t even stop to say thank-you or clean up their mess.

Oh well, they made Brother Bill happy. Sister-in-law Patty just rolled her eyes.


By the way, you can see pictures of the Summerville Flowertown Festival here in my Quirky Grammar series (from the 2014 A to Z Challenge). There really are some street-fair pictures in these two posts.

1.   D is for Deep-Fried Hyphens
2.   F is for Freshly Squeezed Adverbs

Okay, I admit that it’s a bit odd to talk about grammar at an outdoor, sunny-day-in-April street fair, but what the heck? I have already confessed to being a Grammar Geek, so you can’t label me as odd. Or can you?


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