Janice Hall Heck

Finding hope in a chaotic world…

The Perfect Husband

A little treat my husband baked…

Janice Heck photo... love a husband

Thanks, Ken.

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6 thoughts on “The Perfect Husband

  1. Carol Heck Millward on said:

    Isn’t that just adorable? What a guy!

  2. Carol Millward on said:

    You are still using my old address. I am now at carolhms1@gmail.com.

    Carol Millward


    • Carol, I have your new address. My blog sends out notices on whatever address you gave when you connected with it. I am not sure how to change that. I think you might have to unsubscribe, then resubscribe with your new address.

  3. My hubby does this…in my dreams. He does buy me lens cleaning wipes he just told me! ):

  4. He sounds like a good guy, too. Tell him I said so!

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