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Testing: Posting Photos on Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet


New tablet. New things to learn. Today’s test: posting pictures from MS2 camera to Facebook and my blog.

Facebook test: MS2 passed with flying colors.

Now for the blog. Here goes.

WIN_20140528_114019 WIN_20140528_113959 WIN_20140528_113941  Success. But it took me a few minutes longer than it should have. And is my space bar sticking? Maybe.

Okay. With a bit more practice maybe this will go faster.

So far, I like the keyboard touch. The screen touch is sometimes too touchy (but I have seen that problem with all the touch screens on tablets and phones).  So, for now, more practice.  I’ll report again soon.

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8 thoughts on “Testing: Posting Photos on Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet

  1. Ha! I love the watermelon-looking cat!

  2. sunsetdragon on said:

    Looks good

  3. Beautiful photos! My son loves his Surface 2. 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment and your visit. I am just getting in to the Surface 2, and the learning curve is a bit steep at first, but there are definitely things I like about it…and a few things I don’t like. I’ll post about them as soon as I get caught up on my post-trip catch-up activities (mail, laundry, checking in with friends, catching up on notes on my blog, etc.)

  4. Nice work with these pics Janice. I just got the wife a tablet and her phone and laptop are both pushed to one side. If it moves, take a picture … if it stays still, take a picture. I think you’re going to really get into that thing in a big way.

    • I’m with your wife on the picture taking. I carried two cameras, my phone, and the Surface 2 on my recent trip to the Mediterranean. I take so many pictures that one or more batteries run out each day. My phone, unfortunately, was lost or stolen on my first day in Venice. Not a good day, but with all my back-ups, things worked out. I didn’t so much like the Surface 2 as a camera although I diligently used it to give it a fair test. I will post about that soon. (I had a difficult time posting from my cruise ship…Internet time was so expensive and slow as well.) Nice to see you again! I’ll stop by your post and see what’s happening.

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