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Weekly Pet Challenge: Shadow Is Not Interested in This Pet Photo Silliness!

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


Enter this week’s challenge here: Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge, Week 36


What? You dare to interrupt my beauty nap to take another ridiculous picture for a photo challenge? Puh-leeeease! Stop this nonsense! And yes, I am sitting on Mom’s pink cushion where I know I should not be sitting, but Mom is not home right now. So?


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14 thoughts on “Weekly Pet Challenge: Shadow Is Not Interested in This Pet Photo Silliness!


  2. Gorgeous Shadow!

    And nonsense… pink pillows always looks so much better covered in black fur! 😉

  3. Ooh that cheeky kitty has the ominous look down pat!

    • Yes, She gave it to me all afternoon on my last visit. I am determined to catch her with a smile on her face. Maybe I have to bribe her with a little tuna or something.

  4. Shadow is so sweet 🙂 Pink and black go very well too. Thank you for the lovely entry 🙂

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  6. LOL! They get on the no-no pieces of furniture when you’re not around and then wonder what the problem is when you’re there! 😀

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