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AA: #AbandonedArchitecture Photo Challenge: Scullville, NJ

While my brain was resting up from the 2014 #AtoZ Blog Challenge, I stumbled across this new (to me) photo challenge from Lingering Visions:    Look at Abandoned Architecture (May). You can find several of these abandoned buildings along the backwoods roads of South Jersey.

I love the look of old buildings with cracked and peeling paint, broken windows, rusted hinges, weedy yards. I can imagine the lives of the families who lived there.

The house in this photo is found in Scullville, New Jersey, a place along the road on the way to somewhere else, down along Cranberry Creek and Mays Landing-Somers Point Rd in the marshlands of the Egg Harbor River.  We often use this back road to go to Ocean City, NJ.

Scullville, originally settled in the early 1700s, now earns its fame from the annual Terror in the Junkyard, the Halloween hayride sponsored by the Scullville Fire Company at Flemings Junkyard on Zion Road.

Don’t blink as your drive through the village, you just might miss it.

Grave markers in the front yard?

Grave markers in the front yard? Someone beckoning for help from the attic window?


Janice Hall Heck, retired educator, blogger, wannabe photographer, and nitpicky editor of On the Horizon, a bi-monthly community newsletter for Horizons at Woods Landing, Mays Landing, NJ, is quite possibly a grammar geek.

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7 thoughts on “AA: #AbandonedArchitecture Photo Challenge: Scullville, NJ

  1. Fodder for the imagination!

  2. Now this place has character! I could definitely write there!

    • Definitely. Good photo for kids to write about in October. Murder mystery here? Suspense? Romance? I can picture it happening here. And those gravestones? Maybe a few curiosity seekers ventured too close to this house and pfffft! Now just bones in a box.

  3. Oh whoa this is a good one. My eyes went straight to that top window. Glad you got a close-up; otherwise, it’d have driven my imagination wild. I actually love what abandoned houses do for my imagination–the creepier the better–but they always make me feel very sad, as well… This one looks in relatively good condition, like it’s not been abandoned long. I wonder what the real story is about this house!

  4. This house is in a very old neighborhood (1700s), and lucky for me, there are several other interesting buildings, a few abandoned, a few not. I have researched and found some scanty info on a few of them. I will share more of these photos and info soon. I didn’t notice the gravestones when I took the picture, but now that I see them in the photo, I plan to go back and have a closer look…during the daylight hours, of course. My imagination works overtime at night.

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