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#Cee’s Photo Odd Balls Week 9

Cee comes up with some good ones! Odd Ball Photo Challenge Week 9: Pictures that just don’t fit anywhere…

Old Town Historical Park, San Diego, CA

Old Town Historical Park, San Diego, CA  Part of the whole…

Easter egg cactus?



Easter egg cactus?

California Easter egg cactus?

California vintage purple people picker-upper

California vintage purple people picker-upper

All these odd ball photos came from my recent trip to California. Just sayin’.


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18 thoughts on “#Cee’s Photo Odd Balls Week 9

  1. I enjoyed your odd balls this week. Thanks ever so much for playing.

  2. Love your photos. The first one makes me think of my life:)

  3. Love your Easter cactus and people picker upper!

  4. Those are all fun, Janice. I think the eggs on the cactus are funny, partly because the fruit of that cactus does look like an egg.


  5. Congratulations! I have selected your post to be featured in Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge.

    • Cee, What a nice surprise. I checked out the latest Odd Ball Challenge and found my blog listed there. Thank you so much. This is my favorite challenge since I seem to take odd ball pictures. And I really love your picture of the manikins with the purple hair.

  6. Neat photos! Congrats on being featured!:)

  7. Nice and fun photos! Congrats on being featured!

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  9. sunsetdragon on said:

    Great shots and i am chuckling at the california Purple People eater.

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