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From Cee’s to Shiny Cee’s

Time for a change of pace: switching from the A to Z Challenge to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Cee’s theme this week is “shiny.

Here’s a great place for photography:    Grounds for Sculpture

Grounds for Sculpture near Trenton, New Jersey was the brainchild of sculptor, J. Seward Johnson.  Built on New Jersey’s old fairgrounds, Grounds for Sculpture opened in 1992, and now displays over 270 works by well-known artists.  Some of the life-size pieces are serious, some whimsical, some humorous, some modern, some traditional, but all guaranteed to increase your appreciation and enthusiasm for large sculpture. While strolling around the grounds, you will be surprised and delighted many times by what you see. The park is a photographer’s seventh heaven. It’s a good place for families and friends to visit.

Shiny reflections at the waterside Grounds for Sculpture, Trenton, NJ

Shiny reflections at the waterside, Grounds for Sculpture, Trenton, NJ

Grounds for Sculpture

Grounds for Sculpture


Part to whole 1  Grounds for Sculpture

Part to whole 1 Grounds for Sculpture Forecast: partly shiny.

Part to whole 2

Part to whole 2

The whole

The whole

Shiny resting place, Grounds for Sculture

Time for a rest? Grounds for Sculpture


Blueberry pie cooling on shiny tin foil.

How about some dessert? Blueberry pie cooling on shiny tin foil.

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That’s all for now. Back to the A to Z tomorrow for the letter R.

Janice Hall Heck, retired educator, blogger, and nitpicky editor of On the Horizon, a bi-monthly community newsletter for Horizons at Woods Landing, Mays Landing, NJ, is quite possibly a grammar geek.

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4 thoughts on “From Cee’s to Shiny Cee’s

  1. Over 270 sculptures? Oooh! I could spend all day there enjoying the art!

    • Linda, You would love this place. I have only been once, but I plan to go again. I want to go at least once each season because the environment changes so much each time. Great photo ops. New exhibits coming, too.

  2. You found some wonderful shiny objects to photograph. Wonderful!

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