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Word A Week: Wind

Sue’s Word A Week Challenge: Wind

Fog and wind in Margate By The Sea, New Jersey. December 22, 2013

Flags a-flying...

Flags a-flying…

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Meow for now... ==

Meow for now… =<^;^>=

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2 thoughts on “Word A Week: Wind

  1. In Los Angeles, we’d always get these nasty winds during winter called the Santa Anas. They’re hot and dry and can knock down houses. One day I was standing on the street corner waiting for the bus and the wind hurled this piece of sheet metal high above in the sky. It just sort of turned over and over. Then Zap! The wind hurled into into a power line! It lit up, and then wind continued to carry it on its way.

  2. Wow. That must have been scary. Nice to see you again. Thanks for stopping by.

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