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Thursday Lingering Look at Old Atlantic City Windows

Lingering Visions Look at Windows, Week 49

This past week, I was called for jury duty in Atlantic City, NJ and spent two days in the courthouse going through the jury selection process for two accident/injury cases. Over sixty people were originally called in, but my name did not randomly come up among those who were to be questioned and approved for jury duty. Although I was a little disappointed not to be selected, I also felt relief at having been given back a block of time that I thought was lost.

Before I left Atlantic City, I wandered a bit and took these photos. Atlantic City is a bustling city in nice weather, especially the summer, but it tends to quiet down during the day during colder winter months. This rainy, sleety day was no exception. Few people were out on the street, so I focused on windows and doors on older buildings.

An elegant  building now abandoned...

An elegant building now abandoned…


Storefront façade on the boardwalk..,

Storefront façade on the boardwalk..,

Of course, salt water taffy at the beach...

Of course, salt water taffy at the beach…

And a candy-striped door...

And a candy-striped door…

And finally, The Last Meow…

Meow for now... ==

Meow for now… =<^;^>=

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