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Silent Sunday: Advent Week 1…Preparing for the Birth of Christ

December 1 – Advent Week 1.

The Old Testament patriarchs prophesied about the coming of the Messiah and that gave the Israelites hope. Week 1 of Advent focuses on preparing for the birth of Christ, and in church, we light the first candle (Hope) in the Advent wreath. We then light one candle each Sunday until Christmas.


What are some of your church’s or your family’s holiday traditions?

(Post 1 in December NaBloPoMo.)

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6 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Advent Week 1…Preparing for the Birth of Christ

  1. As kids we eagerly awaited the hanging of the Advent calendar. Behind its numbered paper doors awaited jewel-like scenes of Christmas, secular and every day. The three of us took turns opening the doors, anticipation building until Dec 24th brought a beautiful evening service, filled with lights and wonderful music.

    • We did that, too. Fun thing to do with kids. We love our Christmas Eve service at church, too. Ken and I sing in the choir, and it looks so beautiful when we look out over the congregation during the candlelight service. And, of course, we love the beautiful music because we are singing it. Seriously though, we usually have a harpist or flautist join us, and that contributes to the beauty of the evening.

  2. We lit the first candle also.

  3. Since my daughters were small, we set up the Nativity on the mantle on December 1st, but the Baby Jesus does not join Mary and Joseph until Christmas morn. The Wisemen travel throughout the house, starting on the piano and then migrating to the top of the fridge, the kitchen counter, a set of bookshelves, and eventually making it to the manger for Epiphany. Those wiseguys!

    • Hi Helen, I loved hearing about your family traditions… It seems right that the Baby Jesus should not appear until Christmas morning. And the Wise Men’s journey sounds like part of the fun of the holidays. Merry Christmas. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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