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NaBloPoMo 28. Thursday Thanks

Amazing how fast this year is going. November is winding down, and soon December will do the same. Where did the year go?

In many respects, it has been a good year. I am thankful I live close enough to my siblings that I have been able to assist in the care of two of them.  Sadly, one of them, MsJoanne, passed away after having multiple strokes, but she will be remembered as we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Now my brother, Adam, 80-years-old and blind, is in nursing care, his Medicare benefits being cut off this next week because he is making only minor progress in physical therapy. He has had a full, active life even though he is blind, but now he is slowing down significantly.

But good things have happened this year, too. Here are a few things that I am thankful for:

I am thankful that I belong to a strong faith community, Margate Community Church, Margate, NJ, that believes in service to others. Currently, our missions group is active in helping community members whose homes have been damaged by Superstorm Sandy in NJ. Previously, the missions group worked on-site in New Orleans (five trips) and Galveston, TX (one trip) to rehab hurricane-damaged homes.

Margate Community Church also runs a daily preschool. I walked through the colorful classrooms last week looking at the projects related to Thanksgiving. Here are a few of them.


On the altar in the church sanctuary…a cornucopia of bountiful blessings.055

Our cornucopia of blessings…too many to count: spouses, children, siblings, parents, extended families, and friends here and afar.  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Enjoy this song by Josh Groban found on the Armed with Truth blog site.

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