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Cee’s for Three: Three Beauty Queens? Not! Oh Well.

Sometimes when you get together with old friends, you get a little silly. Mo, Mary, and I went out on the boat (still tied to the dock) on Mackey Lake, Soldotna, Alaska, and tried to catch. . . lily pads!
Then we announced our presence to the world. Ta dah! We were ready to lead the parade in John’s ole truck. Beauty queens ridiculous Good friends having a great reunion! Stop that laughing right now.

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11 thoughts on “Cee’s for Three: Three Beauty Queens? Not! Oh Well.

  1. Love it…I envy anyone who has friends like that! Looks fun.

  2. Love it! The Smiles say it all. Love!

  3. Such a fun entry for this week’s challenge. Thanks for playing Janice.

  4. sue marquis bishop on said:

    Janice, a great picture… the photographer captured such joy in being together… you are living life well to have such good friends… even tho at a distance… Sue

    • Thanks, Sue. These are my friends from my living in Alaska days (1983-1983), and these pictures are from 2002. I have been back several times to visit Alaska and love it more every time I go…that is, except for the cold. I don’t even like the cold in New Jersey now. But when I lived in Alaska, the cold didn’t seem to bother me.

      • sue marquis bishop on said:

        I know what you mean about the cold. Loved my years in Midwest but wouldn’t want to
        Move from great weather in south
        Now. Sue

  5. Looks like fun Janice. 🙂 Thanks for liking my post “Two of my fractals.”

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