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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Anything That Lights

I love the scintillating, glittering, twinkling, sparkling, dancing of this colorful chandelier. I can hear the sounds the beaded chains and hanging pendants make when someone rushes through the room creating a frenzy of air movement. It makes me think of these words: serendipity, creativity, fun. I wish I had place in my house for this spectacular light. It would keep me smiling.

serendipity light

Click here for information on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge.

Enjoy these guest appearances in the lighting show:

Masadiso79’s Blog: Anything that Lights
Susan Judd, Cannon Street Station, London
Kitty Star: My Sweet Painted Dreams
Jejak Langkah, Lights in my house
Pat, Lighting the Way
Kalyen Dunleavy, DIY French Candy Jars
Angie, Moments In Your Life
Francine in Retirement, New York City Lights
Joseph Elon Lillie, Lillie-Put
Mona Howard, Ramblings

The Last Meow

Hey, how can I sleep with all these lights? I know they are pretty, but could you turn a few off? Puhleese?

weekend cat

Meow for now.  =<^;^>=

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