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Caterday: Have a Cat-puchino and Relax

Caterday is always a fun day. Take a break today and have a Cat-puchino.

cat cappuchino

The Last Meow

How about a cute little Cool Whip kitten to make you smile? (video)cool whip kitten

Excuse me now. The phone is ringing and I have to answer it. (Cat answers phone-video.)

Meow for now. =(*;*)=

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7 thoughts on “Caterday: Have a Cat-puchino and Relax

  1. That looks amazing!
    Where did you get this Cat- puchino?

  2. Thank you for finding our blog and liking it. We love meeting new fur people and their humans. 🙂

  3. JAHirsch on said:

    That cat-puchino is adorable! I think it would make my day, no week!, if someone handed me that at a cafe.

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