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Ocean City: Ready for Visitors!

Ocean City, NJU

After the devastating Superstorm Sandy went through our area last October, things looked quite bleak. But with everyone pitching in to help, the Jersey shore looks much better now. Of course, some areas of New Jersey and New York still need more help and more work, but they, too, will recover. Ocean City, in the meantime, is ready for company. C’mon down.

Here’s one more weekly fun event in Ocean City.

Wednesday is Farmers and Crafters Market Day in Ocean City on the Tabernacle Grounds at 6th Street. Come get your “Jersey Fresh” produce. The market opens at 8 am.

O cean City Farmers Market Wed...

The Last Meow

Hey! What’s going on here? Word on the street says this garden has catnip. But this just looks like stinkin’ parsley. What gives? Where are you hiding the good stuff?

Meow for Now. =<^;^>=

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One thought on “Ocean City: Ready for Visitors!

  1. a great post for this mid-summer season…I enjoy your writing very much. AJM

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