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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh as in “Jersey Fresh”

Daily Post: WordPress.com: Weekly Photo Challenge, July 19, 2013. Theme:  “Fresh”

Fresh flowers from the yard . . .028

Fresh vegetables from the garden . . .


Fresh roasted tomatoes with basil and parsley . . .


Fresh blueberries from the farm . . .


Hot blueberry tart fresh from the oven . . .

Easy-Peasey Blueberry Tart

Easy-Peasey Blueberry Tart

Jersey Fresh produce . . .


Dinner will be ready soon!

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh as in “Jersey Fresh”

  1. Jan,
    I’ll be right over! Love all those beautiful flowers and fresh foods.

    • Okay. I’ll put the teapot on for ya! Come smell the flowers with me. And I found another critter gobbling up my parsley plant. Unfortunately I tried to rescue the parsley before I thought to take a picture of the critter…a nice fat spring green caterpillar.

  2. Hi Janice,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my “Weekly Photo Challenge: (Un)focused” 🙂

    I love your kitty blog – if you’ve taken a bit of a look at some of my other posts you’ll see I have a little guy too (only one though!) and I just adore him!

    I’m going to enjoy looking at some more of your posts now… hope to see you around my blog again too!

    • I plan to visit again! I’ll look for pictures of your kitty. I like visiting on the Weekly Photo Challenge. Such talented photographers and such good ideas.
      See you soon.

  3. Me too! I’m coming over too!


  4. Very nice! Thanks for the visit and the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge post representing “Fresh”.

  5. I love the fresh veggies, so pretty. I bet they were great.

  6. A great post, at the farmer’s market today…this reminds me of the morning journey. AJM

    • I love farmer’s markets. I always buy too much because it all looks so good. My favorites are fresh sweet white corn and big fat tomatoes. Summer dinners are deelish.

  7. pierrmorgan on said:

    Mmm…like the looks of that blueberry tart! Thanks for following, Janice.

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