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A Little Catertainment (and Pink Panther) for #WANAfriday

Today is WANAfriday, featuring humorous, ridiculous, or scandalous views of life in general, or in this case, cats in particular.

Everybody loves cats on Internet, and there is a plethora of videos to make anyone and everyone smile. (Admit it, even Grumpy Cat makes you smile!)

Here’s one from Life With Cats, entitled “Rescued and Lovin’ It.”

This video, submitted to PurinaFriskies for a contest, features Savannah, White-E, Lillie, Freeway, Jo-Jo, Bart, Ozzy, T.S., Bushy, and Be-Be, in a designer cat park, complete with tree houses, swinging cat ramps, hammocks, spiral staircase, trees, and lots of grass. What an exciting playground for these formerly homeless kitties

The video is one of many submissions to the PurinaFriskies open call for videos from the public for its “Friskies” awards contest. Voting begins August 6.

Music, “Pink Panther,” arrangement by Charlie Tokarz.

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cats FridayThe Last Meow

Yes, it’s Friday, and things do seem to get a little weird around here on Friday. Maybe it is because of anticipation for Caterday.

Meow for now. =<^0^>=

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12 thoughts on “A Little Catertainment (and Pink Panther) for #WANAfriday

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  2. livrancourt on said:

    Cats run the internet. They do.

  3. I hadn’t thought of it that way, Liv, but I think you’re absolutely right. That’s why they’re always angling to sit on our keyboards and laptops. Devilish creatures…

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  6. Cute video – I think my devilcat was seen in that playground somewhere…! It’s funny how that Pink Panther music so well depicts those slinky felines. 🙂

    • Oh, yes. Pink Panther fits well with our mischievous critters. Wasn’t that an adorable playground? What fun for the kitties. I have since found a site for pampered kitties and dogs for furniture and HOTEL accommodations. I’m saving that for a Silly Caterday post. Hi to Devilcat.

  7. Kim Griffin on said:

    That playground was awesome! They’ve got it made there 🙂

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