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Terry Bliss on the Appalachian Trail: “Summer, Where Are You?”

Time for an update on my friend Terry Bliss (aka Blue Moon) on his Appalachian Trail hike. Two previous posts have shown the bad weather (snow and ice) Terry has had to contend with on his 2180 mile journey:

Terry Bliss, Appalachian Trail, 2180 Miles of Bliss  2013/05/02
Thru-Hiker Terry Bliss Hits Halfway Mark on Appalachian Trail 2013/05/22

You can read more about his hike and see photos at www.terrybliss.com.

Try Bliss (Blue Moon) on the Appalachian Trail. Photo by Blue Moon

Terry Bliss (Blue Moon) on the Appalachian Trail.  Blue Moon photo

Lately, Terry has been hiking through a cool and rainy June still wearing his winter hat while mumbling, “Where is summer?”

But his goal is in sight with 1647 miles completed as of June 20 at Manchester, Vermont.  He has 533 miles and two states to go: Vermont and Maine.  Soon he will be at the White Mountains in New Hampshire where he will gear up for winter weather again (because of the altitude).

map AT crop

Terry’s projected completion date for hiking the entire Appalachian Trail is July 24, 2013. Without a doubt, this will be an incredible accomplishment for a very determined man.

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2 thoughts on “Terry Bliss on the Appalachian Trail: “Summer, Where Are You?”

  1. That’s an awesome accomplishment!!! I remember many years ago a friend and myself had discussed doing this very same thing, never came off though. Congrats to Terry!!

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