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My Top Three Terrible Traits? Is That Even Possible?

BlogEverday[1]Blog Every Day in May  Prompt 24. Your top three worst traits.

I asked My-Heck-of-A Guy (MyHog) what my three worst qualities were, and at first he hemmed and hawed, and then he pleaded the Fifth Amendment. You don’t think he was afraid of starting a little tiff a big fight a friendly conversation, do you?


I guess I’ll have to answer this prompt on my own. You have to know one thing though: I have an innate ability to see the bright side of every negative. It may sound like I am avoiding the subject talking around the topic, but really, I’m not. You believe me, don’t you?

Terrible Trait One: Procrastination.

To some, this may mean being late with assignments, like posting a day late, or something minor like that. I do pay my taxes on time. That’s good isn’t it? And I am always ready on time when MyHOG wants to go out to dinner. So really, I don’t see procrastination as a big problem for me. So what if it takes me a teeny bit longer to get a few bitty things completed. I take my time to evaluate all possibilities before selecting the most obvious one. MyHOG calls this “analysis paralysis,” but I call it “exploring my options.”  Sometimes I nap take my time so I don’t make rash decisions and major mistakes.

Procrastination (which is a teeny problem for me, I admit that) connects with negative quality number 2, perfectionism.

Terrible Trait Two: Perfectionism.

I have discovered that errors creep into my blog posts while I sleep at night, so I have to be extra vigilant to guard against them. MyHog helps me root them out, but even so, if I even touch a post after it is polished off, the irksome pesty typos sneak in on their mission of havoc and destruction. That means that I have to read and reread and reread my posts before I post them. Perfectionism is tedious and dampens the creative spirit.

Terrible Trait Three: Poor Housekeeper Problem

My perfectionism does not apply to my housekeeping, which is, ummm, sort of a problem. I would rather write blog posts than clean house. I would rather look for cute kitty pictures on Internet than clean house. In fact, I would rather do anything rather than clean house. I was very clear with MyHOG before we married: “I do not vacuum.” I hate vacuum cleaners, and they hold me in similar contempt. I dust, but only when the sneezing gets out of control. So that’s our deal. He vacuums. I dust if I feel like it.

MyHog is also perfectionistic  obsessive-compulsive helpful in ways that assist me with my Poor Housekeeping Problem. He has Rules for Loading The Dishwasher, and somehow I have not mastered those rules (hahaha sorry about that, not), so therefore, he loads the dishwasher. Really, I don’t want to cause pain extra work for him by having to move cereal bowls to the top rack (Rule 1) after I put them on the bottom rack. And  heavens, what if I mix up the silver flatwear and break Rule 2, Keep eating utensils in like groups. No, it really is easier if he loads the dishwasher. He might as well unload it, too, since he knows how he loaded it.

I do clean house though, but definitely under pressure, like when I invite company for dinner, and the house is a wreck. We both go at it in a blitz and get it cleaned up. Yes, I dust. We try to have company over again within the next few days after this first dinner while the house is relatively neat. A week later is too late.

Well, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to go on and on with my top three terrible traits. I’ll do better next time. At least I’m not blowing my own horn.

The Last Meow.

Ah-choo. Ah-choo.  Bleh to housework! I mean, Meow for now. =<*;*>=  Bring on the weekend! Ah-choo.

weekend cat

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12 thoughts on “My Top Three Terrible Traits? Is That Even Possible?

  1. Hahaha, when I get around to doing these posts in August, I could pretty much copy your first two traits word for word!! I’d have to substitute poor ironing problem for poor housekeeper problem–not that I iron badly, just that I don’t do it until my husband is left choosing between two too-small shirts hanging in the closet (guess that ties back to Trait 1, procrastination). *sigh*

    • I am not sure what “iron” is. Do you think Wikipedia has an article on it? I’ll check. Thanks for visiting. I like your “hahaha.” But you have to know that the hahaha will only egg me on, and that means that MyHOG has to come out of hibernation.

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  3. Janice…
    Love this post. I laughed out loud when I read your list about your T.T. You described me perfectly. I am just the same. I hate to clean house, I would rather blog or read or play the game “words with friends” than clean house. Yet I go to all extremes when we have company coming. Procrastination…yes…I seem to need a little pressure to get my motor moving towards projects I would rather put off to another day. And my husband is very similar as yours…perfectionist, OC and throw in ADD to the mix…The dishwasher…oh yes…I finally gave up and let him do as he wants. He seems to need kitchen time since he retired over ten years ago.
    One day I realized what a blessing it is that he wants to help me! Obviously the Lord knew I needed all the help I could get. Thank you for this post. I needed a good laugh and needed to be reminded not to take myself too seriously.
    Love the picture of the sweet kitten. Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Thanks, Glenda. Sorry, could you repeat that. MyHOG is clanking the dishes right now as he puts them away. I had to make a big potato salad to take to a community pot-luck today, so I’m afraid I left a bit (only a little bit) of a mess to clean up. Do you suppose I should go help him? Oh wait. It’s quiet now. He must have finished. And Glenda, do you suppose you are my long lost sister that was separated from me at birth when my parents forgot one of us (twins) at the hospital? I bet you are.

  5. Martha Majors on said:

    Loved your blog, and got lots of giggles out of it. Love thinking about Ken loading the dishwasher in his perfect manner. I am lucky in that my husband took over the cooking after retirement—and I must say he is a great chef, but I am left with the clean-up which is sometimes not a pleasant job. I feel I must choose my battles and just clean up and say “Thank you dear for the delicious dinner”.
    We will be celebrating our 47th anniversary New Year’s Eve, so it all must be working.

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s a good thing that Ken has a sense of humor! He doesn’t mind when I tease him. I saw your new house on Facebook. Congratulations! And congratulations on 47 years of bliss. See you in September. Right?

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  7. Enjoyed your post. We could bedistant relatives with a dominanat non-housekeeping gene. Followed dreaminofobx advice to visit. Loved it! Also see that you are a WANA tribe. That is a great site, too.

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