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Dining Out: Pizza at Home and Pizza in Italy

Finding good pizza on the Ocean City, NJ, Boardwalk is easy because the competition is fierce.

But many of us have our favorite place: Manco & Manco.

My niece, Lori, who now lives in Sedona, Arizona, managing the Alma de Sedona Inn, asked me to post a picture of Manco & Manco on Facebook. I guess she was a little nostalgic for the ocean breeze, the surf and sand, and the pizzzzzaaaaahhhhh!

Manco & Manco Pizza on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ. Yes, that is a line to get in and sit down. Best bet: buy it by the slice and sit on a Boardwalk bench to eat it.  No waiting.

Next, Lori asked me to post a picture of an M & M pizza that she could put on her refrigerator at work.

Cheese pizza at Manco & Manco

All this talk of pizza reminded me of the wonderful pizza I had in Rome.

Walking near Campo de’ Fiori on a beautiful, sunny, May day, we came to a pizza shop…actually a doorway entrance to a bakery with two standing-only tables outside.

Down this way, around the corner, down an alley…

Come on. We’re getting close. I can smell something delicious. Ah, it must be coming from this doorway…

Marco Forno Roscioli

Antico Forno Marco Roscioli, 34 Via dei Chiavari, Rome, Italy. (Forno means oven.)


You buy pizza by the inch (al tagio, by the slice) at forno Roscioli. I ordered “this much,” and the attendant cut off four inches of the margherita pizza, cut it in half, folded it over to make it sandwich-like, placed it in on brown waxed paper, and handed it to me. Delicious. Crispy. Flavorful. Hint of basil. Stringy cheese. Outstanding.

Tutto molto buono!

Wait, here comes another pizza hot out of the oven: pizza with tomatoes, ricotta, and fresh basil. Unfortunately, my four inches of margherita pizza had filled me up, and I couldn’t eat any more.

Here comes another: zucchini and cheese pizza. I think we’d better leave this pizza place! It is all too tempting.

Pizza. Now I’m hungry. Maybe I can sweet talk my dear, darling husband into running out for some now while I plan my next trip to Italy.

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12 thoughts on “Dining Out: Pizza at Home and Pizza in Italy

  1. I like the idea of a pizza sandwich. In France they don’t even slice it for you and expect you to eat it with a knife and fork (they even eat fries with a fork). Sometimes I lapse into my Americanist tendencies and pick up the thing and eat it with my hands.

    • Heck, I’ll eat pizza anyway I can…with a fork, with my hands, in a sandwich, but not after a piece has fallen tomato sauce-cheese side down on the floor. There are limits.
      How is French pizza?

  2. Oh, YUM! I’ve never eaten pizza outside the US, but I’m going to have to put that on my list of MUST DOs. I didn’t realize there were so many different options. Wonderful photographs! If it weren’t so late here in California, I’d order in. 😉

    • I was all ready for pizza last night, but my husband declined the job of going out for pizza. He made me popcorn instead. Maybe next time I’ll just pick up the phone and let it be a surprise. He’d eat it. You know: see food; eat food. Bad habit at out house.

  3. Janice, I’m almost sure I ate at the same pizza place in Rome!! How fun is it to order pizza by the inch and eat it like a sandwich? I’d love to visit Manco and Manco’s one day, though…

    • Yes, I loved that pizza place in Rome. And so serendipity to find it by just wandering around. That’s what I love about travel. The next adventure is just around the corner. Let me know if you make it to Manco & Manco. I’ll come and have a slice with you.

  4. Pizza anywhere in Italy is divine, isn’t it? I really liked being able to order it by the inch instead of being given too little or too much to eat like we do here in the US. It’s only 10am here right now and I’m craving some pizza already… 🙂

  5. It is official, my stomach wants to live at your house. hehehe

  6. Emaginette, Come on down. We can have pizza together!

  7. Oh, my heart aches for Ocean City!! I love, love these pics you’ve taken and shared with us. They bring back so many precious memories of so many years spent there when our children were younger. I am hoping to go there either at the end of this year or maybe next year. Thanks Jan for sharing!

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