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The true story of fish and chips…by Conor Bofin, Honourary Italian (guest post on The Blissful Adventurer) in Michael’s absense (the cad is in Italy again). National fish and chips day-May 30.

The Blissful Adventurer

**The Blissful Adventurer is running about Italy at the moment so in his stead we happily endorse and support the work of the following blogger, Conor Bofin of One Man’s Meat. Please check out this post, leave comments for exchange with the author, and give their blog a read.**

I am posting here with Michael because it is an excellent thing to do. It is one small way of giving something back to my Irish Italian friends and another small step on the road to getting Michael and his wife over here to Ireland (with some fine Italian wine).

Blog: www.conorbofin.com

About: www.conorbofin.com/about

My tale begins 127 years ago. The story goes that Giuseppe Cerve came to Ireland from Casalattico in central Italy. He came here with very little, to find a better life for his family. He began selling potatoes cooked in oil from a barrow. We Irish…

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