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X is for X is a Tough Letter

X is a tough letter.

Even Webster’s New World Dictionary can’t post more than a page and a half or so of X-words. Eliminate proper nouns, and you have just slightly over one page of X-words.

Most of these X-words are not very common: xanthein, Xanthippe (she sounds like an interesting character!), xebec, xenon, xeroderma, xylold, and xyster. How many of these words did you recognize?

Here’s a xenops (the bird) and a xiaosaurus (the dinosaur). You do recognize these, don’t you?

X-ray and xylophone seem to be the big winners for being the most known X-words, with both of them hitting the big time on alphabet charts for kids. (Hey, a few alphabet chart makers tried to be different by using fox and eXhale for the letter X. Try drawing eXhale so a child can understand what the heck it’s supposed to be!)

Look for middle and ending Xs, and maybe you can find a few more: axe, saxophone, Texas, taxes, New Mexico, six, mix, Kix,  fox, box, ox, Xerox, addax, calyx, kexes, zaxes. . . .

Let’s not forget the U.S. Government. It has a very special use for X as seen in Taxes from A to Z.  X is a substitute for a signature in certain cases. Now that’s a pretty important use of X!


How many words can you think of that have Xs? (And no fair checking a Scrabble dictionary or Internet list.)

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2 thoughts on “X is for X is a Tough Letter

  1. What a great idea going through the alphabet, it guarantees you at least 26 blogs. Are you going to the Greek or Cyrillian alphabet next LOL.

    How about Xenophon, xenophobia, xenon.

  2. Hey Don, What a neat idea about the other alphabets! Thanks for the idea. Doing the A to Z was easier than I expected it to be . I thought I would run out of ideas, but I have more than I could use. Now if I get stuck for an idea I can look back at the leftovers from the A to Z. Thanks for your comment.

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