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Cat-Antics: Simon’s Cat

Catillions of people have clicked on YouTube to check out Simon Tofield’s adorable, mischievous, perpetually hungry, and somewhat destructive cat, otherwise simply known as Simon’s cat.

But the truth is that Simon has four cats: Hugh, Maisey, Jess, and the newest addition Teddy (an abandoned kitten rescued by the Tofield house human). All four cats contribute to the antics Tofield draws in his cartoon videos and print books, but Simon’s cat gains all the notoriety.

The first book in Tofield’s series is Simon’s Cat: In His Very Own Book. Simon’s cat, a master man-ipulator, claims his sleeping territory which just so happens to be the major portion of Tofield’s bed, leaving the house human to hang out on the edges, sans blankets. Then this maxi-meowler flicks his kitty litter out of his porta-potty in the make-a-mess-for-Simon-to-clean-up game. He pounces on Simon from unexpected places, sneaks into the kitchen cupboard to check (gorge on) the food supply, and performs other normal (but annoying) cat tricks. Tofield’s line illustrations are laugh-out-loud funny as Simon’s cat works through a catalog of crimes against his personal food purr-veyor.

Simon’s cat gets annoyed with his humans when the food dish remains empty beyond the anticipated feeding time (an unforgiveable offense), but he becomes even more irritated when the human decides to do the cat-in-the-bath routine. In Simon’s Cat: Beyond the Fence, Simon’s cat, feeling unappreciated and not at all desiring a bath, leaves home and goes off to explore the world. Friendly hedgehogs become his unlikely accomplices in his curious adventures.

In Feed Me, Simon’s cat has only three things on his mind: food, food, and food. He uses all of his wiles to find his meals including pretending to be any of a number of other creatures hunting for food.

My favorite book in the Simon’s Cat series is Simon’s Cat: In Kitten Chaos.  A new kitten in the house causes trying times (sibling rivalry?) for Simon’s first cat. Turns out this newly rescued kitten is even more mischievous and maybe a bit more destructive than Simon’s first cat. All the same, you know how it is, the older critter gets the blame for the damage. Do cats smirk? Well, this new little invader often gets the last laugh!

Cat lovers of all ages will enjoy these books. Teachers can have students write captions for the cartoons or narrate the events, and kids can tell the stories to Mom or Dad at night before lights out. Adults can just laugh.

Writers know that cats and writing don’t often mix well. Though we love and adore them, sometimes, just sometimes, our cats drive us to distraction. Simon Tofield captures this writer-cat problem in this Cat and Mouse video.


YOUR TURN: Do you have a cat? How does your cat help or hinder your writing?

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16 thoughts on “Cat-Antics: Simon’s Cat

  1. Oh yes. I’m a huge Simon’s Cat fan, because the cat-of-the-animations is exactly like mine!! The first-ever animation (Cat-man-do) is what I experience just about every morning. And i’m also rather enamoured of the more recent cat and mouse (all writers could surely relate!).

    I have a post in planning actually about just how my devilcat ‘helps’ my writing. Hehe.

    • I love the Cat-man-do video, too. I have watched many of Tofield’s videos several times and still chuckle when I see them. Can’t wait to see how your devilcat helps with your writing! Have a great day.

  2. LOVE Simon and Tofield’s adorable cartoons & animations. We have a ‘new cat’ (well, a new addition to the stray group we feed) who talks incessantly. So hilarious to hear him walking away from the porch after eating, saying ‘yow yow yow’ until his little voice fades into the night. Perhaps I should name him Simon?

  3. My cat loves to “help” me when I am working by trying to warm my keyboard. Obviously, it is hard to type when a cat is sitting on one’s keyboard, so sometimes, he will relent and instead, sit on my left arm, thus, partially solving the problem.
    I am pretty sure this is not an ergonomic set-up for anyone, however.
    I’ve never heard of Simon, so I’ll have to check him out!

    • HI Laird, Glad to introduce you to Simon’s cat. He’s a gem. My cat used to hang across my shoulders, meaning that to accommodate him, I had to lean on the table. Hard to work that way. I’ll post a picture of that one day…just have to find it again.

      • Cats are soooo inconvenient. But also awesome. And their awesomeness usually makes up for the inconvenience… usually….

      • Love them! I had to give up my cats when I moved to Hong Kong to work at Hong Kong International School. Now that I am back home, I wish for them again, but we like to travel more now, so it would be hard to have them. All the same, I miss their antics.

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  5. I’d never heard of Simon’s Cat. He sounds delightful! We have 2 cats in our household. A huge fluffy orange tabby and a slightly smaller gray shorthair. They both have a tendency to climb in my lap … along with my laptop … which doesn’t do much for my writing but I still love them!

    • Cats are always more fun in pairs or more. They are like kids; when you are busy they want your attention. Gotta love ’em though. They are good companions and always good for a laugh.

      • I adore my cats. I also adore my hubby who does not adore my cats! Thankfully he adores me so he tolerates the cats! LOL!

      • Haha. I had the same problem with my husband before I moved this last time and had to give up my kitties. I did catch him once in a while cuddling the critters when he thought no one was looking!

  6. Great introduction to Simon’s Cats. I have two cats. Me. The dog person. Lily is jealous of my computer time and will lie on the keyboard to get my attention. Tucker? He finagled my escape key out of its socket with his nail, and loves to attack the screen as I type. Fun post, Janice

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