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The Naming of Blogs Is A Difficult Matter

Poet T. S. Eliot (1888-1965), author of Old Possum’s Book of Practical CATS, thought the naming of cats to be a difficult matter, but I dare say the naming of blogs is harder.

Even though I dearly love cats and would love to have a cat’s name in my blog title, I can’t use such clever names as Jennyanydots (the Gumbie cat), Growltiger (the one-eyed, one-eared cat), or magical Mr. Mistoffelees (the original conjuring cat). No, with Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical production of CATS (www.catsthemusical.com), these feisty felines have become too famous to be ordinary blog cats. And anyway, they would not fit my blog on serious topics (education, books, writing, grammar, spunky seniors) or occasional frivolous topics (a cat-a-log of cat-antics and maybe a cute puppy or two).

No, I have to be more practical.

My Twitter and blogging friends have already taken names I fancy: Cat’sEyeWriter, Kitty_writer (and all of its various permutations), bloggingcat, catgossip, ittybittykitty, SassyCat, catblogosphere (Blogging Cats Unite!), littlecatdiaries, and even ThePsychoKittySpeaksOut. Who could top this last one? “Blogging isn’t just for humans anymore.” (Squidoo.com).

My serious writer friends have taken DailyWritingTips, writingwarriors, TheWritePractice, TerriblyWrite, ThePassiveVoice, copyblogger, GhostWritingonWriting, WriterGranny’sWorld, judythewriter, TheFridayBookReport, TheQuivering Pen, and MessyThingswithWords, and so many more.

My eagle-eyed grammar-loving friends sign on as GrammarGirl, Grammarsnark, GrammarMonkeys, Dr.Grammar, or Grammarly. A few of these even sound a bit…ummm…scary: GrammarPolice, GrammarRevolution, Confessions of a Grammar Nazi, The GrammarVandal, the Blood-RedPencil, and the MightyRedPen. (Say this last one with your deep announcer voice!)

In fact, hundreds of blogs by poets and writers can be found listed at http://NewPages.com. And WordPress claims that 415,524 bloggers have posted today just on WP alone (on thousands of topics). Astounding. But now it’s MY TURN! I just need a blog name.

Fortunately Internet advice for naming blogs proliferates faster than a Google spider hatching babies.  How about using the Blog Name Generator or the Amazing Meganame Generator?

Jane Friedman, now e-media professor (http://janefriedman.com) advises a blog name that has a very specific angle, topic, or audience focus that tells people why they should read your blog. Sounds reasonable.

Dan Blank (http://WeGrowMedia) emphasizes the need to focus on your target audience and what they need and want. Yes, of course.

But Kristin Lamb, (http://warriorwriters) the social media guru from the great state of Texas, tells her #WANA friends (that includes me!): “Use your own name as your blog title in order to ‘brand’ your blog.” Sounds good to me. (Type in #WANA112 or #mywana on Twitter and see what comes up!)

Who knows, if I use my own name as my blog title, I could be discovered in the blogosphere and end up with a book and movie deal! Julie Powell did it (Julie on Julia, http://juliepowell.blogspot.com). Why shouldn’t it happen to me? Why not Janice Heck and The Grammar Connection? That’s compelling and maybe even a bit intriguing, you know, almost like The French Connection! No? Hummph.

So what should I call my blog? Which blog title will entice Google spiders to crawl all over it and give it high exposure on search lists?

After numerous messy lists (on my own lo-tech paper blog name generator) and many false starts, here’s what remains:

1. Janice Heck, On Education and Writing (Too broad!)

2. Grannie Jan’s Grammar Goodies (There’s a story behind this one!)

3. Janice Heck, Grammar Connection (Too narrow?)

4. Cat-A-Log of Cat-Antics (Too frivolous?)

5. Grammar-You-Can-See (What?)

6. GED Writer (Tried that-didn’t work! Way too narrow!)

7. Janice Heck

Oh heck, I think I’ll stick with Kristen Lamb’s advice and just use my name and forget the clever cat names, alliterative names, and other snarky titles.

Oh. Wait? What?

Kristen says I need a log line? Oh. (*hums* Whatever Kristen wants, Kristen gets!)

Well, ummm, what would T. S. Eliot say? This? “A blog’s a blog; a CAT’S A CAT. And that’s enough of that!”

YOUR TURN: How did you decide to name your blog?

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20 thoughts on “The Naming of Blogs Is A Difficult Matter

  1. I was fortunate enough to be in Kristen’s WANA1011 class, so I got the name for my blog in the same way you did 🙂 Kristen is a whizz at coming up with logline as well.

  2. Hi Janice, cute post. I read both of Kristen’s books before I started my blog, so I had her great advice to follow in naming my blog. My blog’s name is “kristin nador writes anywhere” with a logline of “exploring creativity one venue at a time”. My blog’s focus is writing, blogging, creativity and discovering new and unusual places to write.

    I wish I could have figured out how to incorporate cats in my blog name somewhere because I love them! 🙂 Hope you can find the title you like to incorporate all Kristen’s advice and share your personality, too. Based on your possibilities, what about “Janice Heck, Catting Around with Grammar”? I guess that might have a bit of double entendre. Good luck on your finding your name and welcome to the blogosphere! 🙂

    • Kristin, Thanks for checking my post. I’ll check your blog. I’m trying to follow as many writing/writer blogs as I can. Cattomg around with Grammar” has been added to my list! I like it, but I plan to write about Spunky Seniors and other stuff…so I guess I have to go a little broader. “Catting around with… ???

  3. I went with real name and log line, although I agonized over the latter for weeks. The beauty of this method is being able to change the log line at any time, which I’m sure I’ll probably do at some point. Your blog looks great & the header pic is GORGEOUS!

    • Like you, I agonized over the name and log line for weeks…and then the first blog. The header pic was sort of an accident…but I like the boldness of the color and how it picks up the color of the top line and my name. This has been fun. I love the WANA groups.

    • Thanks, Elaine. Now I need to learn how to have replys embedded under comments. It’s hard to read this way.

  4. I used Kristen’s WANA list too, but I’d already decided on the idea of voices and views from the front porch since my blog wouldn’t be devoted only to writing. I wanted to include essays and family members as guest blogs. In fact I’d set everything up the year before and not done anything with it. I loved one of her suggestions and added “down the road.”

    After all the WANA loving, I started blogging last week and I’m having fun with it. I guess the posts will get longer, but for now short and sweet.

    Your banner is terrific. Bright, orange makes we expect bright and cheerful posts.

  5. Kristen came up with a list of really good ideas for my log-line, but I decided to try my hand at coming up with one myself. I was all set to go with “…and suddenly ninjas attacked!” But when I finished setting up my banner photo, “Worlds of Perilous Wonder” appeared in my brain, which I’ve change to “Realms of Perilous Wonder,” and that’s what I’m happy with 🙂

  6. Hi Janice! It’s so nice to finally meet you!

    I too have taken Kristen Lamb’s class #WANA1011 with Marcy Kennedy up above. I like your title. LOL! Can’t wait to see your log-line. I do like Mike’s though. My log-line recently changed to Life As It Happens. And it might change again. But I think it conveys what I’m writing about in my blogs.

    Best wishes to you Janice! 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. I have seen both yours and Marcy’s blogs. Since I have so many ways to go, I am not sure what kind of logline I’ll end up with. I am sure one will come eventually. I have a list of possibilities.

  7. I LOVE the look of your page! And “My Turn” is as good as anything for now. Of
    course your name is best for the URL. And how did I come up with my vague
    “Musings”? Who knows? It popped into my head and I’ve never since been focused
    enough to arrive at anything else. I have to settle on a topic before I can have a new
    log line!

    • HI Lanita, Thanks for your comments. It took me a while to get my blog going…but finally it is. The log line will come in time, I guess. I am keeping track of suggestions. It’s so nice to hear from you!

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