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The Perfect Husband

A little treat my husband baked…

Janice Heck photo... love a husband

Thanks, Ken.

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Worst of the Week: Writing Errors in Everyday Life: Your, You’re

Janice Heck:

Here’s a post from my writing blog.

Originally posted on Janice Heck Writes:

This trash can owner is obviously annoyed with some of his dog-walking neighbors.

OC Shout, fall 030

This error is so easy to avoid.

You are = you’re.

Omitted punctuation doesn’t help this frustrated person’s message either.

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Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge 2014 #16: Which Way?

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: Hidden signs leave motorists wondering: Which Way? Oh well, at least the clipped hedges look nice.

Janice Heck photo

Janice Heck photo

Oops. This one could cause some trouble!

Festival of Leaves: October

Festival of Leaves Photo Challenge   001002010

Wordless Wednesday: Webs

iphone 9-23-14 ducks 105Janice Heck photo

Cee’s Fun Foto: Pot Head? Flower Bed?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Janice Heck photo

Pot Head?


Janice Heck photo

Flower Bed?


Wordless Wednesday: Colors of Recovery

janice Heck photo, Colors of Recovery

Colors of Recovery

Cause awareness by color

Cee’s Fun Foto: One More Yellow

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge and Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Janice Heck photo

Ocean City, NJ. Night glow. iPhone pic.

You can find my other “yellow” pics here: Cee’s Fun Foto: yellow

Photo Blog Challenges…a Growing List

I love photo challenges, and I join in when I can. I’ve met many good photographers in these challenges, and I love seeing all the creativity that comes from responding to a new challenge word each week and even the same challenge word week after week.

Here are some challenges you might enjoy trying:

Photo Challenges by Daysilent sunday


  1. Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge
  2. Silent Sunday by Cosmic Girlie  
  3. PhotoChallenge.org
  4. Sunday Stills by Ed
  5. Northwest Frame of Mind: 1 Day 1 World Project


  1. Cee’s Share Your World
  2. Phoneography Challenge  by Sally of Lens and Pens
  3. iPhoneography Monday by Gracie Binoya

Tuesdays   petchallenge

  1. Cee’s FunFotos
  2. Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge
  3. Sonel’s Weekly Photo Challenge – B&W
  4. Frizztext A to Z Challenge (photo a week)
  5. Jennifer Nicole Wells: One Word Photo Challenge


  1. Cee’s Which Way 
  2. Wordless Wednesday
  3. Ritva’s Black and White Wednesdays
  4. The View from Right Here: Your Best Shot of the Week


  1. Lingering Look at Windows Dawn Miller
  2. Cee’s Black & White Challenge  
  3. Travel with Intent: Look Up/Look Down Challenge


  1. The Daily Post Photo Challenge
  2. Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme 

Every Day Photo Challenges

  1. A-Z Fund Foodie Photo Cooking ChallengeSonel's bwphotochallenge-logo-sn
  2. Photo-A-Day Challenge by Fat Mum Slim
  3. Weekly Photo Challenge   Digital Photography School

Unspecified Days

  1. A-Z Fun Foodie Photo Cooking Challenge
  2. Close-up Macro Weekly Photography Challenge
  3.  Suellewellyn A Word A Week Photography Challenge 
  4. Catholic Photo Challenge: Seeing God in the Works of Creation  
  5. Festival of Leaves                           \

Monthly Challenge

  1. Lingering Look at Architecture - 1st of the month. Dawn Miller


Your Turn:

Of course, there are probably many more photo challenges on the Internet. Add yours in the comment section, and I will add it to the list here and on my Photo Blog Challenge page.


Cee’s Fun Foto: Yellow

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Yellow

Yellow is my personal favorite color, so here’s a nice collection of yellow things:

Yellow lemons in a market square, Pompei, Itlay. Janice Heck photo

Yellow lemons in a market square, Pompei, Italy.


Must have shoes. Janice Heck photo

Must have shoes…One golden shoe in a shop window


Bowl of drying yellow anniversary rose petals. Janice Heck photo

A bowl of drying yellow anniversary rose petals.


Sunflowers. Janice Heck photo

Sunflowers at a farmers’ market.

And my favorite…

Yellow kitties in a shop window in Barcelona, Spain. Janice Heck photo

Yellow kitties in a shop window in Barcelona, Spain.

For an on-going compilation of photo challenges, see my page Photo Blog Challenges 

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